Friday 1 August 2014

Writing On A Roll

Okay, I did more writing yesterday . . . evening and more this morning. I have chapter 3 now 3/4 done. 

I suppose that I should tell you that I do tend to write smaller chapters so as to improve readability. With today’s busy lifestyle I decided that it makes sense to have more chapters shorter in length. My chapters aren’t all that short, about ten pages in word at 11 point font. That makes about 15 to 20 novel pages per chapter. 

With shorter chapters you can read one chapter and go do something.  As well shorter chapters are easier to get through and make you feel that sense of accomplishment. “Wow, I’m already on chapter ten!” For the writer it helps force you to keep focussed on what each chapter is about

Since we’re touching on improving readability, try to keep paragraph lengths down; nothing makes the eyes glaze over faster than seeing a massive wall of text. 

Yesterday evening was another quiet one as I have found that I can’t write that well in the evening, or rather I am better in the morning. Since I don’t have a reliable form of power I know that I can only have one writing session, unless I decide to try to run on the laptop’s internal battery. 

So I write in the morning and relax in the evening. I know that I will be pushing my electrical resources this weekend and in the near future as the passion to write will increase and the story will demand to come out.

The good thing is the story is coming much quicker and easier now. I will admit to copying the dialogue from my screenplay and pasting it into my novel and reworking it. There is much more to a novel than the dialogue and it helps shape the chapter. 

(as of now Yeoline is running after Jealile who is chasing Myshia (a thief) down an alley after their chase has just decimated a shopping street). I am sure that this afternoon (after work) I will have chapter 3 done and on to chapter 4. It is my hope to write this weekend and perhaps knock a few chapters out. I know that I need an editor, but I have no budget to pay anyone. 

I will say that this morning I am happy and relaxed as I am starting to get into this lifestyle. Sure, last night I stayed in the parking lot of Home Depot and it didn’t bother me one bit. Nobody came over to give me heck and I didn’t even look to see if anyone looked at me strange. 

I am living rent free, going where I want when I want and writing along the way (okay, not while driving . . . . sheesh). The only thing I would change is to have a proper charging/inverter system in Wanda, so I wouldn’t worry about AC power. That will come in time, I know that. (but feel free to arrange a fundraiser for me  . . . with a say $2000.00 goal).  ;-)  

I must focus on my task of getting that first card paid for yet also enjoying this trip to Vancouver to see family. There are challenges ahead and after the first card is paid off I will have the second one to pay off and after that the third one. Each card is larger and will take longer to pay off than the last. 

The main thing is that I am happy with my life and I am writing again. As with everything, things could be better, but at this moment, I am content and happy with how things are. That is a victory in itself. Sheryl Crow was right “It’s not getting what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.”

Don’t worry, I will resist the urge to break into Pharrell Williams, but I am . . . happy. 

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