Friday 15 August 2014

Puttered Into Princeton

We left the mission base in Oliver and didn’t rush towards Princeton. Since it is an hour to two hours away, we decided to take in the other thing which sparked our interest, the “NK’MIP Desert Cultural Centre.”

We arrived just in time to get a guided nature walk by a local interpreter who told us of different things about how the indigenous peoples lived. He also told us of what different plants did what.

For one was the reed Tipi.

Then of course there were the dugout houses. 

On the way back to from the nature walk, we saw this guy. I’m not sure what he is, but he’s big, and he’s a bird. (But not Big Bird).

We got to Princeton and found the house of some old friends of mothers. We did something that I never do, we parked on a residential street. Mother’s friends assured us that it would be find if we parked in a particular spot, and I did that. 

We watched movies and pictures, all from the computer displayed on the TV. Have you ever had an evening of watching three old people talking about how to get this or that to work on the computer . . . fun . . . oh yes.

Today we will be doing something around town, though what, I am not sure. Tomorrow we will drive down to the coast and on Sunday we will have a BBQ at my Brother’s (and his family’s) house. Then I am in Vancouver and will leave on Friday morning. I am looking forward to exploring Vancouver again and possibly meeting up with old friends.

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