Wednesday 6 August 2014

Theory Vs Reality

Okay, yesterday morning I had only got half of Chapter 08: “To Tilt When One Should Yield.” I had told myself that I would finish it yesterday night, to keep on track.   

I had to do a bit of shopping at a surplus hardware store. I had an idea to try for the charging system. I picked up a simple bulb and a 12V “extension cord.” Basically a cord you plug into your cigarette lighter and have a cord to plug something else in a little ways away. It has a male plug on one end and a female plug on the other.  

My idea was to hook the bulb up to the charge controller as my charge load. I wanted to cut the 12V “extension cord in half and use the male plug end to plug into Ace and connect up to the charge controller as on the battery side. This way it Ace would be turned off and the power would go right into the battery.

Once I had got to a nice parking lot and made a bit of dinner I just vegged out, it was too hot to do anything. The good news thought is that during work the laptop was fully charged and the truck was not drained. This means that I can charge the laptop up this way on a daily basis.

While I did get chapter 8 done this morning, I did have a bit of time left over but no time left on the batteries. If I could extend the batteries a bit longer then I could write as long as I wanted.

I got into work early this morning and used the tools here to connect up things the way I wanted. I then went back to the truck and setup Bigboy charging Ace up like I had planned. I will check it at lunch to see if it is doing good or if it has drained Ace completely, to the point that he screams. I hope this does the trick so I can then try to charge Wanda up and get some headway on this solar charging system.

I do like the way the story is shaping up and working out. I do have a good system going and it is progressing well. It is very rough though and will need a number of revisions; that, though, is how I work, I whittle stories. I slowly carve and shape them with each pass of my creative knife. You don’t take one swipe at a piece of wood and say I’m done . . . that is how you make firewood, not art.

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