Saturday 9 August 2014

Picked up Mom

Yesterday was interesting, work was fine, got off early, and was able to get done what I needed to get done. I had fuelled up and bought propane the night before, so all I had to do was dump my tanks in order to get fresh water.

I drove towards the airport and tried to find a place to unhitch Wanda *sniffle* and leave her *sniffle* alone *sniffle* while I popped into the airport quickly to pick up mom.

Well, life isn’t always that simple. I was able to find a lovely spot on an out of the way industrial road to park Wanda. I didn’t want to risk driving towards the airport with Wanda attached only to find that I could not even fit under the underpass, let alone find a place to park with Wanda attached.

Well, there was a thunderstorm with hail which closed the airport and delayed Mom’s flight . . . for a few hours. This meant I was paying the delightful price of $7.00 per half hour for parking . . . for two hours . . . (all I know is that it ended up costing me $29.00).

Mom did arrive and we did make it to Blackfalds and mom did make the connection she wanted. The problem was that the “parking lot” they told us I could park in was large enough for 4 cars to park squished and backed onto an alley. I didn’t feel the desire to try to back into it, around a corner, from an alley.

We drove to Red Deer and stayed in the Walmart parking lot instead. It was a bit noisy but otherwise okay. Here is a shot of me and Mom before we left Walmart.

We came back to Blackfalds this morning so mom could talk to and visit with the people she wanted to see. We are now about to head back to Calgary, fuel up, get some groceries and head towards Waterton Lakes, and see how far we get. If we get there today, fine, if not okay. We are on a steady and casual pace. We plan on staying two nights in Waterton Lakes before moving on.

Well, I gotta run,

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