Monday 25 August 2014

Back to the Grind

I am at work and even though I left Lake Louise at 6:00 in the morning I was a few minutes late for work. This is bad for me, because I am usually half an hour early for work. Here is Wanda in her usual work parking spot.

When I got here the door was unlocked and the lights were on, another oddity, as I always unlock the door and turn the lights on.  The other employee was given keys before I left so he could open the place. It was just odd, out of routine, that’s all. 

Yesterday I relaxed around the campsite yet my relaxation was periodically interrupted by a train going by. The campsite has a small “uncontrolled” crossing which nobody uses but because it has no arms to stop traffic the train must blow its whistle . . . repeatedly. 

Add to that the fact that another train goes by not long after and you have not only the noise of a freight train going by but the whistle a few times a day. I decided to try to use this to my advantage and got my camera and trotted out the short distance to the crossing and got ready for a killer shot. 

I waited with the camera in video record mode, all leveled and a mere four feet from the track. I planned to press record and back away to a safe distance, I figured all I needed was the memory card to survive. 

I always timed it wrong and gave up too soon. Each time I would pack up and leave fifteen minutes later the train would go by. In the end I got nothing but frustration . . . ah well. 

Now that I am back at work and reflecting on the trip it was nice to go and see family and nice to see the small out of the way places that typically you don’t take the time to see. That was the real gem of this trip, learning about the coal mines and settlements along the Crowsnest Pass. Leaning about Fort Steele. 

Now I am back at it, trying to get those cards paid down. I will pay $1000.00 off of the first one today, which will leave me with just over $500.00 to go. 

I will hope that the auction sold and I get at least enough to cover that, otherwise I will be pushed until late September to get that done. I am on track though and almost one card down.

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