Friday 29 August 2014

I Watched TV Last Night!

Trust me, this is a big deal. I decided to test out if Ace could power Wanda’s TV. Not only could he but the TV took about as much juice as it does to power my Laptop. I thought it would take much more, it is a nice big TV and all . . . ah well.

So I sat and watched the news as I relaxed for the evening. It was nice as I haven’t watched TV in so long. When I do have AC power I am usually in some remote place where I can’t get reception. When I am in civilization I don’t have AC power. 

So I relaxed and then went to bed early. Before I went to bed I plugged Ace into Trea’s power outlet and let her charge him up while I slept. In the morning I went out to retrieve him so I could write. When I went out I noticed something . . . this.

Try parallel parking that! Seriously, my hats off to the driver. I had heard some truck maneuvering but I figured that he was backing up to the loading dock. After all I was parked in the end of the parking lot for a Big Box store. 

Had he knocked on my door I would have happily moved forward to give him more space. I drove up, drove along the curb long enough so that Wanda was straight, figured that I was about in the middle and parked for the night. 

Trust me, when I went to bed, that truck wasn’t behind me.

I did get Chapter 13 done and researched and decided what to do for Chapter 14, “War Machinations.”

Tonight I will park behind work (later, once everyone goes home) so I can charge up Wanda’s batteries and top up my water. Tomorrow Trea goes in for service so I will park Wanda across from the Dealership and wait in her in comfort while Trea goes in for her oil change/service. 

I will write as long as I can with Ace’s power and then the internal batteries within the Laptop. Sunday I plan to go to the library and steal power from them. Monday, we shall see, as I don’t think they will be open on a stat holiday, they haven’t been before.

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