Monday 18 August 2014

Sliding Into Surrey

As expected it didn’t take all that long to get to Mother’s house in Surrey from Harrison, or rather it shouldn’t have. Since I have not been in town for a few years I decided to take the scenic route. 

We went along the Lougheed Highway from Harrison (okay just south of it) all the way into New Westminster and then over the Queensborough and Alex Frasier Bridges. We then across on 88th avenue to Guildford, stopping for coffee at Tim’s just past Scott Road.

Once there I parked on a residential street . . . again . . . and trucked my two-week’s worth of laundry plus two sets of bedsheets into mothers place to do laundry . . . fun. (yes I brought my own laundry soap).

It was necessary though and I look forward to today which I will perhaps go in search of getting an extra key for Wanda’s door cut and perhaps a bottle of wine to bring to the BBQ.

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