Thursday 21 August 2014

Driving in Vancouver Makes Me Claustrophobic

Okay, finally I had my chance to drive around the various beautiful areas of the picturesque Vancouver. I understand that the streets of the older and more established sections of the city (like any) were laid out before the modern vehicle. 

That doesn’t mean that when driving down them you get the impression that some pencil-pushing, scientific, bureaucrat calculated the size of the average vehicle and decided that you only needed three inches on either side of said vehicle to drive down the road. 

I get it, I am driving a newer F-150 in a town which has all but declared the car evil. Another oddity of this town is the lack of trucks or larger vehicles. Then again, with the price of gas, I can see why.

My brother and I went around to the various areas in and around the downtown core. I have seen all of these before as I grew up and worked in this town. It was nice to see them again and see how things had changed. 

People ask me why I don’t move back to Vancouver, it can be summed up in the phrase “$650,000 is not a good price for a condo . . . it’s robbery . . . residential rape even.”

The first place we checked out was walking from Vanier Park to Grandville Island. Here are some of the more choice shots.

Only Acrobatic Bike Riders can ride here

Big Brother may be watching you here, but at least he's a clown. 

Two Storm Drains, only one is choked with grass

From there we went to Coal Harbour. This is a section of the harbour front on Burrard Inlet just west of the new Convention Centre. Here are some choice shots from there.

Yes, Calgary, this is coming your way.

Yep, selfie at Coal Harbour.

Watch that first step, its a doosy

Fill 'er up.

I ain't mowing that.

Yes, Love Locks have come to Vancouver.

Then we went to Stanley Park, here are some nice shots from around where the Totem Poles are. 

After that we went home where we relaxed and visited with family. An interesting thing happened . . . someone thought about me and made me dinner in advance. Don’t read too much into this it was my brother’s wife who was thinking of him and made him dinner, she happened to make some for me too. 

As I ate my rice and bean burrito, I thought when this had happened to me before. I have had girlfriends make me dinner but it was after I said “hey, make dinner so we can have dinner together”  . . . (she was studying at home at the time). It hasn’t happened where someone thought of me and made me dinner, because they felt like it . . . it was one of those simple pleasures that was nice. 

Again, this is my sister-in-law, so it was just her being nice to her brother-in-law, but it was something that I have yet to experience. I choose to go with that it has happened to me before, but I have forgotten about it . . . that is less depressing.    

To end on a bit of humour, either this is the most pathetic Inukshuk ever, or a 2D stone Pyramid, you decide.

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