Friday 8 August 2014

The Unattended Power Outlet

So there I was, power draining in Wanda, and me left scratching my head not only how to conserve power but also how to charge her up.

During one of my work breaks I was discussing the latest on my journey and what my current challenges were. We agreed that a generator was my best option and even bantered about which one was best and where the best price was.

That afternoon as we were discussing what stock we had and what I had put where when a noise drew our attention. We went out back of our shop to check it out but it turned out to be just a truck backing up into a trailer a little too harsh. Once there I noticed a power outlet which seemed to be so lonely and forlorn.

I had planned to spend the night at a local retailer parking lot and indeed I did so. I got paid yesterday so I had some running around to do. After spending a bit of time at the parking lot that I had intended, I decided to check out that lone power outlet.

Sure enough the whole back area of work was abandoned, so I pulled up and positioned Trea and Wanda just right. I lucked out as I was able to park across a bay which is not used and not block either of the bays which are used. So even if someone came in the middle of the night, I wouldn’t have to move. If the owner of the shop that we rent came by I may have to, understandably, explain myself.

So I checked out that lone power outlet and indeed it did have power. . . . here it is

Have you ever seen something so beautiful?

I got my power cord out and plugged in, using my adaptor. Here, is what it looked like.

Here is what Wanda looked like parked behind work.

Since Wanda’s systems are geared towards 120 VAC 30 AMP her plug doesn’t fit into a typical outlet. Thus you can buy at the parts department of the local RV retail store a converter. If I am not stupid by tying to draw too much power, I should not trip the breaker. For me, that means no AC and possibly no Microwave.

The sweetest sound I have heard in some time is hearing the fan on the 12V Power Supply/Charger humming away. This means that there is a demand for 12V power and thus it has come to life. The sound I like better is when it shuts off, that means that Wanda’s batteries are charged up. That happened early in the morning.

I did not stay behind the shop and write, I moved as soon as I got up. I had done what I needed to do, so I moved away so as to not interfere with the routine comings and goings at the shop.

I parked instead in my usual spot that I park when at work, and wrote there. After writing, that was when I discovered a new problem, I had gone through my fresh water in a week. I had been drinking more and a few days taking two showers a day, out of need.

I got to thinking on how to solve this problem, as sure I can pay to dump (which I will do today) and in the process fill my fresh water tank. Doing that costs me $3.00, so call me cheap as while I don’t mind paying to dump when my tanks are full, but I don’t like paying to “dump” when all I really need is fresh water.

Again, work provided the answer as not far from the back of the shop is a tap with a screw on outlet, (like an outside tap). So if I do this little trick again, I may fill up my water at the same time. I also plan to keep my 5 gallon jug filled with water at all times so the next time this happens, I have a bit of reserve water, just in case.

This lifestyle is a constant process of problem solving, so it is important to keep your head and simply rationally solve whatever problems come your way. By focusing on how to solve the problem, from the outset, you will be less prone to freak out over each and every little thing.

I leave today for my trip with mother so I will be in Red Deer by tonight with mother, unless something goes wrong. I am looking forward to this trip and taking the scenic route through lower Alberta and Lower B.C. to the Vancouver area and possibly Victoria too.

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