Thursday 7 August 2014

Solar Research Terminated

I am done with solar power. I had hoped that it would be a cheap, easy and worry free way to keep my batteries charged up. I had figured that I would just have a solar panel or two and that would be that.

The truth is that while it may work and with enough panels installed properly it might be a viable solution. The cost of purchasing and installing that solution does not make sense for me.

I can buy a gas generator for less than $500.00 and run that for a few hours each weekend to charge my batteries up. Gas is not that expensive and my power needs do not require a steady stream of a great deal of power.

If I were living in a remote cabin, I would use a combination of: solar, wind and hydro power with yes a gas generator as a backup. The reason this would make sense is the cost of having main power run out to a remote cabin makes the cost of installation of solar, etc cheaper and more attractive.

For me, the solar panels I have won’t charge anything up in any usable amount of time. If anyone wants them come and get them before I give or throw them away (I won’t deliver outside of Calgary). They are dead weight for me.

I am getting much more comfortable looking for and parking in a random parking lot for the night. No longer am I nervous or self-conscious about what people will think about me parking there. I don't care about how this may look to others anymore. There is still that small part of me always weary of that knock on the door late at night telling me to move along, as I am technically trespassing and squatting.

I know that having a fixed address would be nice but this is all that I need for now. I still am frustrated that I have gotten myself into this mess of debt, and that life is so expensive that I have to do something so drastic just to get ahead in this world. Alas it is what it is and this is the path that I have chosen. I happily walk it and will persevere (stiff upper lip and all that). Like all things, this phase of my life will pass, and I will be the better for it.

As for me and writing, I did make some progress yesterday and got about half a chapter done this morning. At work, in a slow period I was able to outline a few chapters and this morning I wrote half a chapter. It is shaping up to be a sizable book and already there are a few minor differences between it and the movie. True the differences are only ones that I can tell, but I suppose that is the fun part, reinventing the story.

I pick up mother tomorrow afternoon and we start our vacation. I am looking forward to it and hope to have fun but on a budget. Yet I need to remind myself not to be on so much of a budget as to not have fun. I will make sure to blog and post pictures daily. I will try to keep up with some amount of writing during this vacation, in order to keep the pace going.

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