Saturday 16 August 2014

The Cruellest Cat-Door

Yesterday was a low-key day visiting with mother’s friends around Princeton. I spent most of the day with the man while Mother spent time with his wife.

We drove up to Tulameen which is a small hamlet west of Princeton on Otter Lake. It was a beautiful little village on a picturesque lake . . . and I forgot my camera.

The pace of the whole day was more low-key and laid back. As they were showing me their place, I saw something interesting. They were showing us their garden shed and I saw this. 

Like most projects he needed a door and the one he had opened on the wrong side. So he just hung it upside down; cat door and all. Thus the cat door is on the top.

I suppose it can either be seen as the cruellest or coolest cat door, depending on your point of view. If you were to put small ledges staggered up the side, for cats to climb up, going from one to the other and a ledge under the cat door on either side, it could work and be nifty.

I guess that says something about how life, or rather how we look at it. Things that happen to us are just stuff, events which happen to us. They are neither good, nor bad, they just are. It is how we look at them, how we react to them, how we see them, what emotions we attach to them which makes them good or bad.

Since the BBQ which is being held for me has been pushed back to Monday night, we have an extra day. We will be driving down to Harrison and spending the night there then going home the following day. I then plan on doing the typical visiting son thing and use mothers washer/dryer for free.

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