Thursday 31 July 2014

I Actually Made Money Yesterday

Not a whole lot but $125.00, it’s better than nothing. Okay, I didn’t earn it; it was a refund of the RV storage fees I had paid. Back when I bought Wanda I paid for six months of storage fees to ensure a place to store her. 

Since I am living in her and it is too far out of town to even think of parking her there and living in it(they would catch me anyways) I went to get back what I wasn’t going to use. Well, three weeks or so later, I got my cheque.

I consider it income as when I spend something I never expect to get it back. It is a better way to budget, that way everything that comes in is a bonus and to be celebrated.

Yesterday was too hot to stay inside Wanda so I actually setup my chair outside of her and enjoyed the shade. This was a big step for me as I usually hide in Wanda, pretending I am not there. Or as Harry Potter once said “I shall be in my room, making no noise and pretending I don’t exist.” 

The good news of yesterday was that I got chapter two done. When did I do this? Um . . . yesterday evening . . . that’s it . . . yesterday evening, not during work, no . . . that would be bad. No sir, I did not get inspired and write three quarters of a chapter at work . . . nope. 

One of the good things about writing in novel form what I have written in screenplay form is that I know the story. I know what happens when but we can detour and spend more time in the character’s heads and spend more time with them than you can on screen. I only hope that my detours and time spent describing things do not get boring for the reader, time will tell.

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