Wednesday 30 November 2022

One Last Hurrah

As I write this, it is November 30, 2022 but when I began this blog, and therefore my journey to better my financial life (and therefore my life) it was December 5, 2013. 

That means that in just over a year it will have been ten years since this blog and that journey started. 

Other than the half a year that I lived with Kim, and the initial few months renting a room, I have lived in Wanda that whole time. 

I have been parking on streets, or in parking lots if I am lucky, always having people walking right by my home. 

To them, it is just another vehicle parked on the street, to me it is a home, my home, yet not. It still bugs me to see someone walk past my window less than a foot away.

I want a home, a place to belong and that is either building my own RV to be as self-sufficient as possible (which I term “The Armageddon Vehicle”) or I get my own place, even if it is just a dreaded condo.

I want to do that, get a place that is mine, even if it is just a dreaded condo which will be a stepping stone to me getting the land and cabin that I truly want. 

I want to live in a place of my own (one that doesn’t have wheels under it) before my ten year anniversary of this journey comes up next year.

This past year or so, I have been building up my “Homestead Supplies” and buying a few investments, so I have run up or been carrying a balance on my credit cards. 

It is not anything that huge, and I have been working on getting them down paid off again, but funding investments and building up the Homestead Supplies is a good cause.

I hate debt, however, (but I could stomach a mortgage) and so I want them gone and paid off and I will do that by this coming March. 

That is, if I resist the urge to buy another investment or another whatsit for my Homestead Supplies.

I hate winter and I despise living in Wanda in winter, so I have run the numbers on renting an apartment or some sort of basement suite. 

Renting a room is out of the question as my Homestead Supplies already take up a 5 x 10 storage space. If I rent anyplace, I would want those supplies with me.

Besides, I ran the numbers and renting a room and renting my storage space would be the same as renting an apartment or basement suite. 

So, all this means that I have to endure yet another winter in Wanda in order to get rid of this last debt and build up enough of a cash savings to get that dreaded condo . . . or whatever I can manage to get. 

So, I have begun to blog again, in order to document my journey, the last of it to finally have a home of some sort . . . which was the point of this whole journey in the first place. 

Wish me luck.