Thursday 28 February 2019

The Drive to 20%

Okay, so I am focussed on getting to 20% of my Savings Target as soon as possible. Right now, that will be on the March 22 payday. 

Between now and then, however, my budgets have been insanely tight, as in tossing out all spending (at least digitally).

I have been spending what I have to by using my Wallets and paying cash. 

I have also not fuelled up since the 7th of February and am looking at pushing off fuelling up until the 22nd of March. 

So, you know, just a few run of the mill cost-cutting measures. 

For me, finally getting to 20% is a mental barrier and something of note. It is a kind of a finally getting back on track Milestone Goal to reach.

I know that I will have to trickle fund my wallets back to their targets, as having cash on hand serves a purpose. (As in being able to function when you can’t use credit/debit cards).

I will survive and I will get these things done, and I will get back on track. I know what I can get away with and what I can’t.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Wednesday 27 February 2019

The Early-Ish Paycheque

Okay, so Boss is going on another vacation (fine, great, have a good time) yet when Boss does we get our paycheques a bit early . . . sorta.

What I mean is that we submit our timesheets early, with the predicted times filled in for the remainder of the payperiod, and we get our paycheque in hand before we leave.

That is nice, but what happens, for me, is that the bonus that I would earn is therefore not on the cheque and I get that as a special cheque after Boss comes back.

It is nice to have my paycheque in hand early and so I know what it will be and finalize my budget accordingly. 

Since we are submitting our Timesheets today at noon, I am only missing out on a day and a half of possible bonus on this cheque. 

As I said and to be clear, I will get that small amount on a separate cheque when Boss comes back. 

I have noticed, however, from times gone by that this little manoeuvre means I pay more in payroll taxes. 

The suggestion to wait until Boss returns a day or two after payday is always flatly refused. 

It has something to do with Boss could get in trouble if we don’t have our paycheques in hand on or before the appointed payday.

Automatic deposits have been suggested but we are small and it would not help in this case, as Boss would be doing it and Boss would still be on vacation. 

Besides, Automatic Deposits have been made pretty much obsolete with the advent of depositing via a Banking App. 

I will look at the positive and know what I have to work with come the early afternoon today. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Tuesday 26 February 2019

The Weather Carrot

The Weather Carrot is a horrible thing, it is the temptation of a nice amount of weather that is coming, just on the horizon, after this horrible bit.

The trouble is that almost always that “nice weather” is pushed off again.

I am always ready, willing and able to deal with and adapt to whatever the weather and temperature is. 

That means that I can handle the cold . . . I just don’t like to.

I will hold out and do what I need to do, as that is what I do, I will trudge forward and know that sooner or later (most likely later) the weather will turn warm again.

This too shall pass.

So, I look at the Weather Carrot and blindly tell myself . . . yep, next week it is going to get warmer and this really cold weather will be behind me . . . yep.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Monday 25 February 2019

Went To The Forest For The Weekend

So, I went to a campground that I like to go when I just want some peace and quiet (along with electricity). 

This will give you an idea of what it is like.

Again, it is quiet, no wind and you are in the forest, yet I have electricity, so it is nice for peaceful reflection. 

The one downfall, which I don’t really see it as such is the fact that cell phone signal is spotty at best. 

This time I was able to get a connection with my iPad, yet not my phone. 

I received the odd text but I could not send a text and any incoming phone calls were immediately dropped.

Since I go there for peace and quiet, I don’t really mind being out of communication for the weekend. 

I also go there for a break from the cold which permeates and dominates my life at this time of year, so a bit of a break from the cold is a welcome thing. 

I know that the weather will turn warmer in a bit, and all I have to do is just stick it out.

This too shall pass, as this is not my first winter in Wanda, so I know what to expect and how to handle it. The occasional run to the hills is a welcome respite. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Friday 22 February 2019

Grand Savings Update

Okay, so it is that time again, when I update how my progress is going on my “Grand Savings Plan!” 

Okay, so let’s see how I did . . . 

For review, here is how things looked from last payday . . .

That is 18.0% (of my Savings Target).

And this is how things look like, after the dust settled on this payday’s budget . . . 

That’s right things jumped up to 18.2% of my savings target. 

That means I put away .2% of my total Savings Target this payday. Not only that but the Estimated Done Payday was pushed up a payday to July 22, 2022. 

For those of you paying attention this means that the last month I have accomplished nothing on my Grand Savings Plan.

Why? Well, because I first went up to 18.2% on January 22. Then I dropped to 18.0% last payday and I am back up here to 18.2%.

I have had some expenses as well as in an attempt to stave off the Taxman I have flushed some cash down the toilet (AKA: put cash in my RRSP).

Since RRSP’s are not yours, and not your asset (how can they be if you “borrow” “your” cash from “your” account. (Give me an unlimited TFSA any day.)

Anyways, so as a result of this my savings have stagnated and it is increasingly looking like I will push my Grand Savings Plan up to April 7, 2023.

This is because the middle to end of summer is not really the time to start to look for land with a hope to do anything but winter over on it that year. 

It is much better and wiser to start in the spring where there is more time to search, buy and . . . get started. We shall see, as that is too far ahead to plan for.

As far as this savings slump is concerned I keep telling myself that all I can do is keep doing my best and understand that all I have is this paycheque. 

I have no idea what the future holds, and my savings goals may never be achieved for any one of a thousand reasons, none of which would be my fault.

So, the plan will take as long as it will take and I may or may not make 40% by the end of this year, and that is okay. 

Anything going into savings is a good thing and all I can do, is keep trudging forwards.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Thursday 21 February 2019

Well, I Won’t Be Parking There For a While

So, this morning I decided to move back closer to work, since the Snow Route Parking Ban was lifted. I figured, why not, easer and closer to walk to work (and I was up early anyways).

I packed up, drove to my usual spot near work, and continued driving all the way back to where is started from, here’s why . . .

You see, when they plough the road they only plough the part you drive on, pushing the snow to the part that you park on.

This is even worse for corners, such as where I park.

Let me clarify, you see, this is the close up of the ridge.

You can’t really tell where the curb is so for all you know, most of that might be lawn.

Here is the curb . . . I found it for you.

Here is the snow ridge with the curb there for reference and you see how much of the roadway is wasted.

If I park there, I will literally be parking in traffic, it is bad enough when there is no snow on the ground.

So, until it melts, or at least melts enough that I can drive over it (or, you know a large semi-truck drives over it a few times) I will be parking down where I am and walking.

Ah well, such is life and this too shall pass.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Wednesday 20 February 2019

I Trudge, It’s What I Do

I really don’t know what else to do. I don’t have a life, I put that on hold when I started this journey, first to debt freedom, and then to freedom itself. 

It has been five years, I started this journey in December of 2013 and have been just trudging forward ever since.

I do this because I have to do this, I have an impulse in me to be free, and I simply must satisfy it. 

Yet, I will admit that the cold and depths of winter are the hardest to bear, due to the darkness and cold which permeate this time of year.

Yet, the warmth and light shall return and so too will my mood lighten. For I will end this journey somehow, someway and I will have a home of my own and land of my own.

Someday . . . but not today.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Who Does This?

So, there I was, questioning my life choices as I looked both ways to try to cross a busy street where there was no crosswalk. 

As I darted across the road laden down with my shoulder-bag and backpack I thought “Who does this?”(I do that a lot during the winter months.)

I had to cross the road because the spot where I usually park during workdays is unavailable due to a “Snow Route Parking Ban.”

Essentially when we get over a certain amount of snow the city declares one of these things where you can’t park on major routes (like bus routes).

It lasts for three days, but can be done quicker, or last longer, again, at the discretion of the city. 

So, this means that I have to park in another spot a full industrial block away. It is on the other side of that major road, thus the mad dash through traffic. 

(Okay, it wasn’t all that bad, as I may be a little off, but I’m not suicidal.)

Yet, as I got to work I had to remind myself that I am doing this because this is the best and fastest way to accomplish my goals.

The more cash I save now, the faster I will get this part of my life over and done with. Then I can move on to the Homesteading Process.

In order to do that I need to simply get through this winter, and . . . you know . . . more than likely three more winters after this. 

Then I will have my target savings built up, and then I can finally move on.

I just remind myself that people who want to succeed do the things that others don’t want to do, are unable to find the courage within themselves to do.

Yet, I don’t need to have all the answers in order to do this, all I need to know is what I need to do this week, today, in order to move me in the direction of my goals.

The other thing I need is the courage to do that, and the determination to see it through . . . one step at a time. 

Or in my case, one mad dash across a busy street at a time.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Monday 18 February 2019

The Cabin That Was Almost Mine

There it was, a nice cabin, in the woods, on 5 acres of land, it was perfect. I could see myself getting a lot of writing and other creative works done up there. 

It was so nice that I was tempted to get a mortgage in order to have it now. I was trying to figure out how I could do it, how I could buy that place and somehow make it work.

I thought of all kinds of ways to get it done so I could have my cabin in the woods, waiting for me. After all, it was a great cabin for a great price. It was a steal of a deal. 

It was so good that someone else seems to have bought it, ah well, there will be others. I will continue to do what I do and I will continue to build my savings. 

I will have a home and land, someday, just not today. I have my little home, my Wanda and that is enough for now. 

My living this Urban Nomad lifestyle is a means to an end. For when I do buy the land it will be for cash and I will be able to take possession of it right away.

I will be okay, despite the cold and inconvenience of living in an unheated trailer in the midst of a (never ending) prairie cold snap.

I will continue to move forward, and dream for the future, for that is what I do.

For today, someone else has that perfect little cabin, and may they have many years of joy out of it. I almost did.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Friday 15 February 2019

Not Budging On Savings

Nope, that is one red line in my budget, from here on out (unless unavoidable) . . . I will not give ground on what I put into savings. 

You see, I am already .8% short of making my target of 40% by the end of the year, and that is in my projections. As in, if everything goes according to plan.

Since I have ground to make up, I can’t slack off and just cut back on my contributions to savings, if I hit a rough patch . . . as in if I have to replace my battery. 

The thought of carrying a balance on a credit card makes my skin crawl. 

So, I will cut back when I have to and make sure that I balance each budget . . . somehow. I will dip into my Personal Overdraft if needed, but not savings.

So, this payday, with my truck battery dying, I need to cut back further. So a few usual items are not here this time . . . like my fuel budget.

I will not be fuelling up, nor refunding my wallets . . . this time. I will push those things until next payday (the 7th) or even the March 22’s budget.

Again, this is because I must balance each budget yet not touch savings. In fact, when I can, I need to put a bit extra into savings . . . after all I have a .8% deficit to make up.

For me, this 40% represents more than just an arbitrary number that I have picked to aim for. For me, it is my first off ramp, my first chance at a home and land.

I don’t have to take it, but at least it is there, it would be possible. That dream, that tiny bit of certainty is not something that I will give up on easily. 

I still have further to go, even once I get to 40% (you know, that other 60%) before I would voluntarily call it quit. 

Once I hit 40%, I could scale back my dream and still have it . . . if that was what I chose to do. I like having choices . . . don’t you?

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Thursday 14 February 2019

Much Closer to F*ckit

So, a couple of things happened in Boss’s life yesterday that pushed Boss closer to calling it quits and shutting down the company. 

One was the meeting with his accountants over the audit from The Taxman, and another was an audit from The Customs’ Man.

For the record both audits are ridiculous and they won’t find anything, but 

As anyone who has been audited by The Taxman, they have to find something to penalize you on, whether it is there or not. 

It’s in their job mandated as well as well ingrained in the culture of The Taxman. 

We run a clean operation and just do what we do, import stuff and sell it to businesses and people. 

Nothing glamorous or risky about it, it’s not like we’re in the weapons or pharmaceutical importing businesses 

So, Boss is feeling the stress and seriously considering running a different business (more than likely one without employees).

There was other stuff and other suggestions by the accountant, and one was to get rid of me and put Boss’s spouse in my job. (I for one would consider that a fast track to Divorceville.)

All of this may come to pass or none of it, the one thing that I know is that I will adapt and survive. 

If there is one thing on this journey it is to trust in myself and just deal with what actually comes to pass. 

Prepare for what may come, but do not stress over it. I just know that I will continue to work my plan and hope, just hope that I at least get the rest of this year working here. 

As I would really like to at least make 40% before being “actively encouraged to seek other employment opportunities.” 

So . . . all that talk but a final nail in the coffin of me going anywhere this weekend.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Should I Stay Or Should I Go (That Old Refrain)

I am at a crossroads as to whether or not to head to a campground for the long weekend (this weekend). It is more complicated than just my uber-frugal ways.

I am now pushing to get to 20% of my savings target by the payday after next (as in on March 7). 

It is a psychological barrier to me as it means not only finishing a line, but also having two years of living expenses in my Long-Term Savings alone.

I also muse that I could, if pressed, go find a patch of land or a small place somewhere (very . . . modest . . . shall we say) for that fistful of cash. 

I am pushing to get to 40% and that will mean that I would have enough in hand to buy either the land that I want, or a not so bad acreage . . . with cash.

The trouble is that it is already a tight budget(s) to get to 20% by next payday. 

Yet to add the expense of going to the campground to plug in, ontop of the battery replacement that would make it all that much harder.

I have tried to convince myself that it would be a good way to defrost the trailer (and me) as things swing back to “manageable winter.”

As in, perhaps I could reconnect my batteries and use my furnace . . . (crazy talk, I know).

Yet, while that would be nice, I will hold true to the larger goals of 20% and 40% beyond (by year’s end).

I will go to the campground, perhaps in March, or most certainly over Easter, in April. I just know that I want to get some traction on this savings goal.

Each milestone goal that I meet and beat, is one that puts me in a slightly better position if things to sideways. 

Things are still iffy at work and Boss is still hemming and hawing about keeping the company going or not. He could go either way, but it is more about red-tape administration than lack of sales.

All I know is that this is the dead of winter, and I am in my groove as to how to deal with it and how to handle it. 

All I have to do is keep doing what I am doing for a little while longer and the warm(er) weather will return. 

Shorts and window open weather is not far off beyond that; I am holding to that. I will keep myself busy and moving this weekend as I stay warm . . . and move further towards my goals.

As always: Keep your head up, keep your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Tuesday 12 February 2019

A New Payperiod Budgeter!

So, what I have done over the past two weekends hiding out at my local coffee shop is to revamp and improve my Payperiod Budgeter.

My Payperiod Budgeter is one a series of cascading budgets one for each paycheque of a calendar year. 

This lets me plan ahead and see what could come to pass, if I stick to my plan. It also lets me plan in a real way what I want to see happen in the coming year. 

The latest version is now split into three variations: 

Single Person (with 2 savings accounts)
Single Person (with 3 savings accounts)
A Couple

I have added a configuration page to let you customize some of this sheet.

Feel free to download and play with it  . . . or . . . you know . . . use it to get a handle on your finances. 

Essentially it starts out as a planning and forecasting tool, as each budget is built on the last one and most of the sheet is calculated. 

That means that you actually enter or mess around with very few things (essentially Unit cost and Quantity) for each budget item.

This also lets me try out various scenarios and options for what I could do with my cash, without actually doing it. 

As you start to enter in what you actually did, what you actually spent, this will help you to see where your cash is actually going (a humbling and horrifying experience as you get started, I assure you). 

Yet that is also a necessary one and one that each person must go through if you wish to improve your fiscal life. 

I am one person who can attest to the fact that no matter how much or how little cash you have, or are making, if you get a handle on what your cash flow (what you are spending and on what) then you can and will improve your life. 

So, here are the three different versions, feel free to download and share them. These versions are in Excel format. 

If you wish them in the Apple Numbers format (then message me and I will send you that version of any of these).   


As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

Monday 11 February 2019

Busted Battery Boondoggle

I’ve known that it has needed to be replaced for some time. Little things here and there letting me know that my truck’s battery needed to be replaced.

After all, it is the stock battery, as in the battery that has been in the truck since I bought it in January of 2013. 

Well, Friday afternoon, that battery finally flatlined and refused to start the truck. Thus the fun began. 

One of the good things about living in Eastern Home is that, since it is an Industrial Park, that there are a few auto shops in the area. In fact one is right next to where I work.

I had to get them to come up the street to jump start the truck as my portable battery was not doing the trick. 

After that, I had to drive the truck and trailer to the auto shop, drop the trailer (without the use of Wanda’s batteries because they were also flatlined and disconnected).

So, to lift the trailer off of the hitch it took a large floor jack, as in the ones they use on the really big trucks. 

Getting the battery replaced itself wasn’t all that hard or difficult and the price was reasonable (I got the largest battery that I could get my hands on).

Hitching Wanda up again was fun because those large floor jacks drop things on an arch. 

That means that I had to position it to the side and guess where the trailer front was going to drop. I’m proud to say that I got it on my first try. 

Once that was done, then I could do my Friday and payday running around. 

Ah well, all’s well that ended well and I am thankful that those guys at the auto shop were not only nearby but quick, efficient and friendly. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Friday 8 February 2019

Grand Savings Update

Okay, so it is that time again, when I update how my progress is going on my “Grand Savings Plan!” 

Okay, so let’s see how I did . . . 

For review, here is how things looked from last payday . . .

That is 18.2% (of my Savings Target).

And this is how things look like, after the dust settled on this payday’s budget . . . 

That’s right things jumped up to 18.0% of my savings target. 

That means I put away -.2% of my total Savings Target this payday. That means that I actually went backward by .2% of my savings total . . . what gives?

What was even worse was that my “Estimated done Payday” was shoved forward to July 7, 2022. Once again, the question is . . . why?

The answer is not all that exciting or fantastic, nor does it involve a grand story of colourful and wondrous shenanigans.

It is that time of year again when I have to put something into my RRSP. So I did put something into savings, it was just savings of a different kind. 

The Grand Savings Plan only covers funds in my savings accounts (as in accounts that I can actually draw cash out of when and if want).

So, RRSP’s do not count as once the cash goes in there, primary control over it is handed to the government. (And I need my cash now, or rather in starting in four years time).

Anyways, I will get back on track with my Grand Savings Plan next payday and I am still laser focused to get to 40% buy the end of this year. 

A grand goal indeed sine I am only at 18.0%. I will get there, for I have faith in myself and confidence in my abilities. 

I also know that there will be times that I have to spend cash on things that need to be taken care of. On cannot save all the time (despite how much I really try).

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Thursday 7 February 2019

Where To Weekend

So, this weekend is looking to be a bit better than last weekend. Not great, but better than the real cold we saw last weekend. 

Yet, here is the thing, the daytime highs are about where I would grumblingly be okay with the overnight lows being. 

They are still south of -20C and so there really is no point in connecting my batteries up again. 

Yet with it being a bit warmer, I am tempted to go to Western Home this weekend. Yet, I really am not sure if it is worth it, 

You see, I don’t like putting my slide-out out and in when it is that cold (due to unnecessary wear and tear).

Next week seems to be back to liveable weather, as in north of -20C (even overnight) so there is always the possibility of perhaps going away for the long weekend. 

Any number of things can happen between now and then but at least it looks like this weekend will be a repeat of last weekend, as I will spend it in my Eastern Home.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Old School Warmth Tips

Okay, so it was also cold last night, yet I was also warm, snugly warm in fact. Rather than trying to heat my whole house, I choose to find ways to just heat me. 

I figured this out mid-winter of my first winter. At first I just ran the generator every second day and ran my furnace almost non-stop. 

I quickly realized that this was expensive and counter-productive to the massive economy drive that I am still on. 

So, that was when I bought more quilts for the bed and invested in that Cold-Weather Gear that I have pieced together. 

It starts with my base layer of a 4 layers of thermal underwear that have been sewn together.

Last night I slept in that thermal underwear thing, with warm socks. I also added a hot water bottle into my sleeping routine in order to bring in a piece of warmth. 

Not sure what a hot water bottle is? Well, in essence it is a rubberized bag that is about the size of a tablet device. 

It has a screw in stopper in one end that you unscrew and then pour in boiling hot water. The one I has will easily take a full kettle. 

I take that into the bed and that warmth will radiate out to warm the bed. After warming my core for a bit I will put it down by my feet to take the chill out of them. 

I slept with that thing giving its warmth to me all night. It may be old-school, but it still works and is something I highly recommend. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward.

PS: and stay warm.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Back In The Coldness Groove

Let me be clear, I can handle the cold, but I don’t like it. 

I do not frolic or play in the snow, nor do I consider living in my RV Trailer in the dead of winter without a furnace a test of manhood. 

It’s more of a promise to myself and being fiscally practical . . . I promised myself that I would move out of my trailer and into MY house that I own, on My land!

The way to get there is to be a fiscally prudent as possible, so running my generator around the clock as I go through pounds and pounds of propane in order to stay “toasty” is counterproductive to that goal.

Yet I have been hesitant to break out my multi-layered thermal underwear getup. It is almost as if I don’t have to admit that winter is really here until I pull that thing out.

This morning I did . . . winter is finally here. 

Yet, that thing does keep the heat in and in a few minutes I was toasty warm and fine to work about in my trailer and I even went for a walk . . . twice.

I know what to do, I can handle this, and I will continue to move myself forward by enduring this cold. As for last night, once again in bed I was warm and fine. 

Not toasty but warm enough, by morning the bed was warm. It always takes a special kind of motivation to get out of bed when it is -20C, or colder, inside your house . . . trust me.

But then again, I am doing this for that land and that house. So I will continue to work on my Grand Savings Plan! 

Estimated to be complete mid 2022

(Large crowdfunding initiative notwithstanding.)

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

Monday 4 February 2019

I Survived The Weekend

Once again, it was not an “Epic Weekend in Vegas” or anything like that, just or average, run of the mill, Canadian Prairie -30C Weekend.

Yeah, that’s it, for all of you non-prairie folk . . . we call this Tuesday . . . an average weekend . . . yeah, we’re tough like that . . . yeah.

Okay, it only gets this cold for a short spell each winter, and even then it’s a maybe. (Seriously the “we call this Tuesday” talk is reserved for those who live “North of 60.”

As for me, I did make it through the weekend and I am still fine with all of my appendages and digests still attached. 

For the most part my bed is to be credited, my thick, regular, (pocket coil with a foam topper) mattress and five quilts with a down comforter on top is to be credited. 

I sleep with thick socks on and a toque on my head. I have found that when in such sleeping situations the less you wear the warmer you are. 

Your body heat will heat up your soon-to-be-warm-pocket, and that warm pocket then keeps you warm. 

I spent the mornings at a local coffee shop working away on my laptop. (I redesigned my “Payperiod Budgeter”) and drank a lot of coffee. 

When I was at home I bundled and stayed in my sleeping bag that I kept on the couch. Again, all while wearing my toque, of course. 

I listened to the radio and chatted via text on my iPad. Not the greatest weekend, but again, I have found that all you really need to do is find ways to keep your body heat in. 

At least that is what works for me. The first winter I ran my furnace and keep the place somewhat warm. 

Wanda’s batteries do not do well in extreme cold, so I had to run my generator at least once every two days and I was going through a 20 pound bottle of propane every week. 

I have found ways to get through the cold and still conserve my resources. Wanda’s batteries are disconnected and I haven’t run the furnace in at least a week. 

I will get through this, as I have seen this before, and I know how to handle it . . . all while not costing me a fortune. 

Not that I recommend others follow my lead, as you are the best judge of what you are comfortable trying to get away with. 

I am just saying, this is what I have done and it is possible to get through this cold snap without a furnace. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

Friday 1 February 2019

What To Do When Tough Times Approach

We all have them, hard times that come upon us as we strive to improve ourselves and better our lives. 

The question is, what to do in the midst of them, in order to stay on track? What do you do to keep yourself motivated? Let me tell you what I do. 

What it revolves around is reminding yourself what you are trying to accomplish. For that is the reason why you are on this journey of self-betterment. 

1) Envision Your Dream. 

This means pause for a moment and imagine that you have achieved whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. 

For me it is standing on my porch, on my land having my cup of coffee as I look over my land (Wife and/or family optional . . . desired but optional). 

2) Remember How Far You Have Come.

If you are on a journey, it means that you have started somewhere and have travelled some distance down that road. 

Pause for a minute and look back on what you have already accomplished, the hurdles and challenges that you have already met and bested. 

3) Keep Focussed On Your Goals

I have goals, and I have two classes. One is the Crossroads Goals, these are the large life-changing goals, such as Getting Debt Free, Completing my Grand Savings Project, or yes, Founding my Town. 

The second class of goals I call are what I call Milestone Goals. These are important as they are smaller goals that you achieve on the way to your Crossroads Goal. 

These mark your progress towards your Crossroads Goal and are important to keeping you motivated and on track.

4) Work On The Now

With all of that in mind, look back on the current challenge that faces you and just ask yourself “What do I need to do now, here today, in order to move myself towards my Crossroads Goal?”

In other words, do whatever you have to do, no matter how small to move you forwards. Every movement towards your goal, however small, is progress, and is important. 

I know first-hand how long and how goals seem to take forever to get accomplished and how that you get to feel that it will never happen. 

Trust me, it will, just keep focussing on what you need to do: today, this week, right now, to move you towards your goals.

I will keep all this in mind as that bout of really cold weather approaches and sticks around for as long as it feels like. 

So . . . 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!