Wednesday 27 August 2014

Positive Attitude Required

I didn’t call to get Trea booked in for Service but I did book Wanda in for service. It will likely take a few days and I know from previous conversations that they don’t offer loaner trailers. So it will be sleeping in Trea or on someone’s couch. I have some time to figure that out because the soonest they could book her in was October 8. 

They asked me if what was wrong prevented me from using her and I was forced to say that no, they didn’t. I can manage and I will be okay till then. From my days fixing copiers I understand what it is like to be a shop swamped and having to Triage Service Calls. 

So, I will be a nice guy and get bumped down the line. I have to be me and conduct myself in a manner in which I can live with and be proud of. Screaming and yelling would do no good in this case. 

What do I expect that they shove someone’s unit aside which is broken so they can’t use it, just to fix my sink tap and fringe door? Both of which I have found a way to live with, such is life, stuff happens. 

The lack of my ability to pay off the first card by the end of August is frustrating and has led to thoughts of how fruitless this whole experience has been. I found myself wondering what I have actually accomplished. Have I just made a big fool out of myself for no good reason?  

I do need to remind myself that it is a constant battle to choose to see things in a positive light, rather than see the negative. I need to make sure to see the progress rather than the lack of progress. 

Over the past two months I have knocked one card down to less than half of what it was. In another month that card will be gone. 

In that same time frame I have: 

Conducted research on solar charging. 
Solved a number of smaller problems.
Established a long-term, sustainable living pattern with regards to my consumable resources.
Gone on a trip to Vancouver
Gotten comfortable living in my trailer.
I can sleep just about anywhere that I will not be bothered. 

That, in itself is progress. It is true that by now in my original plan I would be a good way done my second card, but life does not go as planned. That does not mean that we give up on our plans. 

When things don’t go as planned, you: 

1. Assess
2. Learn
3. Revise
4. Retry
5. Repeat Until Successful

As far as the writing is going, it is going well, one chapter grew and split into two. I got both of them done as well as started on the next chapter. I should get that one done today and perhaps start on the telling of Brian’s story during the war. At this rate, the story may split into different books.

Hmm perhaps we can split the story into six smaller books but group two books together and sell them that way. Nobody has done that before. ;) Okay I should get back to it now, do work and all that then after that get back to the bizarre, yet funny, conversation that Brian and Shelea has when Brian wakes up. Trust me, it’s good. 

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