Sunday 3 August 2014

I Almost Got Locked In The Library

Oddly enough,  other than the lack of food, I wouldn't have minded that, all that much.  I would have had unlimited AC power to work and write . . . And maybe play  game or two.

The point is that I was there when the Library opened at 10 am and was writing when the place closed at 5 pm.  I stopped for lunch but otherwise it was a day of writing.

I gor chapter 4 "Trouble Brewing" done and a good start in Chapter 5 " The Catch of a Lifetime".

This morning I wrote for a few hours on the laptop's internal bateries until I had to shut down . . . That is why I am writing this blog on my phone.

I got Chapter 5 almost done though. It ended up that the initial portion took up more space than I had intended,  that will likely be the chapter in and of itself.

The one thing I have learned is to let the story unfold as it wants.  Chapter lengths are targets,  sometimes Chapters are longer and sometimes they are shorter than your target length, but always they are as long as they need to be.

The thing to remember is what the core element of each chapter is. Have you told that? Has that portion of the story been told? If so, then the chapter is done.

I will be going to IKEA this morning for my $1.00 breakfast and coffee before going back to the library to write there from noon till 5 pm.

I should get Chaper 6 mostly done while Ace hopefully charges so I can use him tomorrow. I also plan to go for a bike ride if it doesn't rain that is.

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