Tuesday 26 August 2014

The Expected Setback

I am doing much better this morning than I was after I looked at my paycheque then my bank account. I did some quick calculations and realized that I would not be able to pay the $1000.00 on the first card, as I had hoped, in fact the actual payment was half that. 

My initial cost estimates for this trip was proved correct and my rosier cost estimates were proved incorrect. So, unless there was some bidding war over my storage unit (unlikely) than I will not be paying the first card off until late September. I must admit that I was kinda expecting this; once again, such is life. 

In truth I am half-expecting to find out this Friday, when I visit the storage unit as to that the Unit contents did not sell or that the auction has been put off. Either that or that it did sell but all I will get is enough for a case of beer. Even that wouldn’t be so bad, as at least it would be one less bill.

I did start writing again this morning and I am now working on Chapter 10, “Home Time.” I should finish it today, and that will make it a chapter in one day, so that is progress. 

I will call and make appointments for first Wanda to go into service and then Trea. Trea just needs her oil changed, so I know that will be one day while I wait. Wanda needs some things done, so it could mean she would be in there for a few days. If that happens, I will likely end up sleeping in Trea for a night or two, I will survive, I will be okay.

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