Monday 4 August 2014

A Productive Day

Okay, yesterday I did get a lot done, and today I plan to stay right where I am and do what I can. Yesterday I went to the library and wrote again for as long as they would let me. Yes I did have my IKEA breakfast but not before I wrote until the internal laptop battery was drained . . . or about to shut down on me anyways. 

I got Chapter 5: “The Catch of a Lifetime” done, wrote Chapter 6: “The Troubling Act of Kindness” and even started on Chapter 7: “A Mug of Friendship.” I do hope to get Chapter 7 done today but we shall see how my batteries hold out; first Ace then the internal laptop batteries. 

I had Ace setup with Bigboy all day yesterday and today, well he is at about 40 – 60 percent, but it is hard to tell with him what he is actually charged at. I have set Big Boy up to charge up Wanda’s batteries all day today, we shall see if it makes a dent, and prove that this system will work.

I am on the home stretch toward my vacation to Vancouver, I get paid on Thursday and mother arrives on Friday. We are going to Red Deer, so she can see a mission base there. One thing she does when she comes to Alberta is to go see one place that she wants to see, typically it is some mission base or what have you. After that we are going down to Waterton Lakes National Park and then the southern road slowly to Vancouver. 

Well, I should get to writing now, the Gals are calling.

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