Saturday 30 August 2014

If Your Truck Needs Service, Bring A Trailer

Wow, all I got to say is wow. The last time I dropped my truck (Treabilla) off for service I was stuck at the nearby mall all day . . . all day at the mall with nothing to do but window shop.

This time I had Wanda with me so I disconnected and parked Wanda across the street from the dealership. I did this so I could easily walk to Wanda and have a place to spend the day in as Treabilla is in for service. I casually mentioned that the trailer was mine when I dropped the truck off at 7:00 AM. 

I went across the road and made breakfast in Wanda and got ready to start my writing. That was when I got the phone call from the dealership at 7:50 AM! Holy crap! They said that they felt bad for me and were ‘slightly intimidated’ (humorously) with me sitting there looking at them. So, if you do need service and have an RV trailer, try this trick.

Last night I did park behind work and I was successful in not only getting the power I needed but the water I needed as well.  This proves that this will work and that I can top up my power and water as I need. I need to wait until 9:00 PM before driving over and parking behind work. The hose was long enough, and the power cable worked fine. I charged up Wanda’s batteries overnight and still left by 6:00 AM.

I am getting used to what needs to happen when as well as constantly refining and revising my processes. It is a constant process of revision and problem solving as well as monitoring your consumable resources. 

I am now parked outside the library, waiting for it to open up so I can go in there and use their power and internet all day as I write. I will do this again tomorrow but Monday I can’t as they close for the stat holidays. 

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