Saturday 31 January 2015

Editing Ahead of Schedule, Paydown, Not So Much

Okay, first of all it looks like I will finish this pass of reading through/editing the book today instead of tomorrow. I will then probably use tomorrow to do some reading up and studying on how to design websites. I already know how, but I should refresh my memory, as it has been a while. 

I got my statement for my third card yesterday and that is where things proved interesting. While I will be well below the $6000.00 threshold I need to pay it off by July 22, I will not be near the $4500.00 I will need to pay it off by June 22nd. Ah well, such is life, but at least that last payment will be smaller than the others, thus leaving more money in my account. 

The snow and cold weather today does not bother me, I have been through this before and I can handle it. The warm weather is expected to return by later this week, I can hold out, I can survive. 

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