Tuesday 13 January 2015

So Far, So Good

Okay so it seems that even with this recent bout of cold that I have been able to stretch that one tank of propane to ten days. Not bad for winter, not bad at all; in fact it is the same as fall. 

I have been running Jenny for two hours each night and charging up Wanda’s batteries as the furnace heats up Wanda. This of course takes both electricity and propane. 

Unfortunately I can’t run my electric heater as I run Jenny as that seems to kick the breaker out and doesn’t heat Wanda as efficiently as the furnace. 

After I turn Jenny off I run the furnace for another hour or so and then go to bed. I light the cabin with either the tealight lamps or the LED lamps, (more light). Either way I use as little electricity as possible.

I sleep in my thermal undies with my toque on and I am warm I my sleeping bag all night. In the morning I turn on the furnace (grumble), put my warm clothes on (curse that they’re cold) then fire up the laptop, brew coffee, and edit a chapter. 

I figured out that what I am feeling in the morning isn’t frost but just that everything is frozen in a humid atmosphere. It is an odd feeling but it quickly goes away once I fire up the furnace. 

When the furnace is running, it does take care of the humidity problem; I just can’t run it all night. I will see how it goes with leaving a roof vent open. It shouldn’t be that cold tonight so it shouldn’t let out too much heat.

This pattern seems to be working as I am getting through this cold okay, it could be better, I could have a few more niceties but at doing okay, so far so good. 

I have my good days and my bad days; days where I am in a positive mood, and days when I’m not. 

Such is life and the human experience, the trick is to keep going, keep on keeping on and take one day at a time as you work for a better future. 

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