Tuesday 6 January 2015

Bugs in Rugs Will Say They Were as Warm and Cozy as I Was Last Night

Okay, I think I figured out how to get through this “Real Winter” stuff. I get home, and run Jenny for two hours and let Wanda warm up as her batteries charge up. I was able to get Wanda up to 10 C inside last night. 

I change into my warm clothes and settle into my five layers of clothes and 4 layers of socks and (large) slippers. I relax for the evening and even edit a bit or play on the laptop as I have dinner and putter about. 

When I am ready for bed I turn the furnace off and get in the sleeping bag which is in the bed. I do this while still wearing my warm clothes. 

I am comfy cozy and snugly warm in there all night long. 

I know that the theory of these sleeping bags is to wear less, so that your body heat heats up the bag quicker. I sleep in those warm clothes so that in the morning they are already warm when I get out of bed. 

Trust me, it sucks getting into ice-cold ‘warm clothes’ that have been hanging up in the freezer that is your house. Take my word for it, this is not a nice way to wake up. 

Though the warm in bed yet cold in the house dilemma still looms large and yes it took me a bit longer to get out of bed this morning, as I was so snugly warm.

Yet sleeping in the sleeping bag in the bed, under the covers is not for the claustrophobic, as it can be a bit restrictive. I will happily take this over being cold any night. 

In the morning I got up, turned the furnace on and warmed up the place. I had to use the heat of the furnace to defrost enough of a bottle of water to brew come coffee. 

As you can imagine everything freezes and so just having water is a challenge. Cold cereal is out as my milk freezes solid, so it is porridge in the mornings for now as that I can make.  

Once again I am getting into the swing of things and figuring out how to survive in winter in this RV. This is a relief and I am doing my best to stay positive but I am still a bit grumpy as I wait for the house to warm up to zero each morning and night. As always, I will keep calm and carry on . . . as well as improvise and overcome whatever challenges comes my way.

I have started to edit the book at the slower and more careful pace and that is going well. So far I have ‘done’ the first chapter, but I will plod along and add that elusive chapter where it needs to go, not necessarily where I wanted it to go. I do plan to have this done by the end of the month and then perhaps take another quick pass over it.

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