Thursday 29 January 2015

To RV Show or not RV Show

Today is the unofficial start of the RV Show here in Calgary. I have a free pass to it which I can either use today or use it to get in for half price on any other day, like Saturday. 

It is tempting to go but I also know that it would be silly to do so. I would be tempted to buy something, as in a trinket or toy for Wanda or, even more foolishly, upgrade Wanda herself. 

In a time when I must keep my spending under check to go is a bad idea. It would be like sending a shopaholic to the mall and tell them not to buy anything. This is needlessly tempting fate. 

The other downside would be the looking at larger and nicer units and begin to be a bit envious. What I have works, my system is proving right, and I can do this. I can and must stay the course. In doing so I will achieve the success I seek and need 

Next year I can go and see what is there, because next year I will be in a much better place financially.  I will still be saving but I will not have to be so fanatical about every dollar I spend. 

The editing of the novel is going well and I am steadily edging towards getting this pass of editing done. On the website front I am mulling over what templates to use for the new websites. 

I am also checking out Adobe Illustrator (I already have it) to see how I could use that to make simple graphics and icons. I know that people like icons and graphics and that my sites in the past have lacked them. 

I have a few ideas on what I want to see on the websites, it shall be fun to try to develop my graphic arts skills, as they are now, they are sadly lacking. Still, nice, nifty graphics are needed for a fresh and inviting website. This is another challenge for me to rise to. As with all of my endeavours . . . there is only me.

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