Monday 12 January 2015

A Productive Weekend

I did force myself to sit down and do my books on Friday afternoon. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and it did feel good to get that out of the way.

Saturday I did do my three chapters and I did the same on Sunday. The editing is going well and progressing quickly. I am averaging a chapter a weekday and three each day on the weekend. That wayward chapter is looming and I know that it will go in the middle of Brian’s Backstory, there is a hinge chapter needed.

On the financial front, I have decided to lock up my whole wallet rather than just my debit/credit cards. I came to the realization that without my debit or credit cards, I don’t need my other cards (Costco card, etc).They are all to do with buying things. As far as my Driver’s license is concerned, well Wanda is always with me, if I need it, I can just go get it.

I really need to buckle down and get out of my overdraft, already it is bugging me. That is a good thing, as I do not see it as a casual thing to be below zero in my main account. I have also kept my first card paid off and my second card is still below 3K, so that is on track. My third card has now been knocked down its first sizable chunk.

All in all I am doing better than it feels but it just feels like this journey will never end. There is that little nagging voice that screams about the injustice of having to go through this to pay off credit cards. As well, these cards have been with me for so long that the thought of having them done still seems unreal.

I need to keep going, I need to keep my spending in check, it is a struggle, but it is necessary. There is that little hit that you get when you buy something, as well it is a bit of a social experience. I have what I need and so I need to keep my spending under control so I can get ahead and out from under this debt.

The cold is getting to me but I am warm enough in my sleeping bag. It is just the waiting for the trailer to warm up in the evening and first thing in the morning with ticks me off. A remote or programmable thermostat would be sooo cool in this trailer. I keep imagining late July and making that last payment and finally being free of these credit cards, and that keeps me going.

I am tempted to run the furnace during the night, just to keep the very minor frost from forming inside Wanda. I know the batteries will likely give out by morning thus making it a very cold morning with no relief in sight. I may try tonight to keep the furnace on the lowest setting and see what happens. I also know that to do so, if successful, will use extra propane and thereby cost more. I will consider this some more.

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