Friday 30 January 2015

Same Blog, New Address

If you will cast your eye to the address bar of your browser, you will notice that the blog is now at . What does that mean and why did I do this?

As I was uploading yesterday’s blog entry I noticed a setting where I could put in my own domain name yet still have the blog hosted by  . This seemed like a nifty idea and would fit well with my concept of one website being the hub for a few different websites, the blog being one of them.

So I went to register my domain name, but found that most of the ones around “Urban Nomad” were taken, so I ended up with (with the “s” at the end).

Since I am alone it seems silly to have that “s” there but this was the best choice, other than going with some silly hyphenated domain name.

It is still possible that I well get a woman who will join me on this journey and thereby validating the “s.” For now though, I am saying that the “s” stands for me and my girls . . . Treabilla and Wanda (My truck and trailer).

I plan to dress up this blog a bit and make it look and feel a bit more like a website in the days and weeks to come. Part of that will be the link to the soon to be main website. This will be needed as I move towards the summer and I start to write the book about this experience. As I have said before I will not start to write that book until after my credit cards are paid off.

My (Tanea) book editing is going well and I am quickly making my way through it. It will be one more pass after this one before it goes off to be “graded” and hopefully on its way to being published. So many projects to manage, so I will need to manage my time as I work on all of them.

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