Monday 5 January 2015

Another Cold Night

I am alive with all of my fingers and toes intact and attached, yet it was another cold night. I broke out my cold sleeping bag and slept in my warm clothes, I was a bit chilly but nothing serious. This pretty much sums up my night. 

The most I could get the furnace going up to without having it going non-stop was 4 C (the lowest setting)

So the temp, at best, was at zero.

It was a cold night but at least Jenny did start and run for the hour and fifteen minutes I had her going for. The batteries ran dry before morning however so it was another -10 C morning. The added joy was that this morning I couldn’t turn the furnace on, not without running Jenny again. Even in an Industrial area I didn't feel like running Jenny at 4 in the morning.

I will try the tactic of turning the furnace off and using a few comforters over and under my sleeping bag. That way I can run the furnace in the morning and a bit in the evening as Jenny is running, (and a bit after that).

If I knew someone to borrow a bit of their back yard to park Wanda and plug-in I might do that. Alas I don’t know anyone that well in this town, and to rent any space would put paying my bills off till November or December, even for a few months of comfort. 

I just can’t handle another day beyond that deadline I have set for myself. July 22 is my line in the sand, a date that I shall not miss. The other side of that day is where the fun begins of savings building. 

Once my debt obligations are under control and I have a chunk of savings in the bank, I can then think of doing something in the film and TV industry, as my needs to live will be that much lower. I can then take the risk of venturing into this unstable yet exciting and rewarding field.

My budget is too tight right now to start saving, more than the 50 bucks a payday I have told myself to start doing. As it is taxes and debt retirement/obligations was 60% (Taxes: 25% & Debt 35%) of my gross pay and this year I expect that number to be higher, as I don’t pay rent.

I just need to hunker down and get through this week, next week should be warmer. I can and will get through this and then, yes my blog will be happier and more positive. 

I am a happier person now, despite this frustration of the cold and the insult of having to go through this experience just to get my debts under control. I got myself into this mess, I will get myself out of it.  

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