Thursday 22 January 2015

Wounded Wanda Still Waiting

So I contacted the dealership yesterday and talked to their service department . . . they are not taking bookings till after the May Long Weekend. 

I want them to fix the damage, not only because they are my dealer and my extended warranty is with them but also because they have a proper body shop there as well. 

Since the damage to the back wall appeared to be just the cracked fiberglass, they suggested that they arrange to send out a guy (subcontractor) to fix it. 

After closer inspection of the damage it appears that the corner post is bent a bit.  I will go down to the dealership tomorrow afternoon and have them give me a better estimate. 

Then I can either get the guy who hit me to pay that amount and I will wait till May/June to get it fixed. The crack itself will have to be temporarily patched and that tail light cover will have to be replaced in the meantime. 

I didn’t work on the chapter this morning as I slept in, (I had a restless night). It was nothing major just I have been a bit under the weather. I am thinking of that final scene to properly bridge where Brian is and how he gets on the ship to Egypt.

I will write it tomorrow morning and be on with my editing this weekend. I hope to finish the book before Monday, but we shall see how that goes. 

Today is payday that means that my big payment is tonight.  Yay! That second card will be knocked down another thousand (plus minimum payment) tonight. 

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