Saturday 24 January 2015

Surgery With Forklifts

So I did make it down to the Dealership and talked to the service people there. They looked at Wanda and agreed that the damage wasn’t all that bad. I also agreed that they should look at it. 

So I bought some “Awning repair tape” so I could patch up that crack temporarily and then wait until June when they can fit Wanda in to get repaired. I also remembered to order that taillight, as naturally they didn’t have that particular one in stock. 

The funny thing about RVs is that they are not built out of set stock parts like a car. I mean if you need a door handled for a 1976 Ford Pinto, you can order that exact part and it will be the same on all 1976 Ford Pintos.

With RV’s they are all hand built so if they run out of one type of part they use a different one. For example the appliances may vary slightly from one particular unit to another. Or the door-latches and taillights may also vary depending on available parts when they built that particular unit.  So there is no master parts list for Wanda, she is a mass produced, custom unit (as all RV’s are). 

A silly thing I did yesterday morning caused me with a problem. I forgot to fold up my stairs before leaving. So I drove all the way to work from my western home with my stairs down. Thankfully there was no incident . . . until I got to work.

At my parking spot there is a bit of a snow ridge I have to drive around. Usually it is fine, but when you have your stairs down, those stairs plow into it, thus bending the stairs, so they won’t fold up. 

I tried to fix it before work but left it. After work I tried to bash it with a rubber mallet and did okay. Once I was at the dealership I casually mentioned that I was going to pick up a prybar and then bend it back into place. (Once again is suck at remembering to take photos of these things).

Then he came back with one forklift to push the stairs into position. Then when this didn’t quite work he brought in another forklift to push against a different part of the stairs. Between the two of them they gently nudged my stairs back into shape. I was so dumfounded and amazed that I forgot to take pictures of this. (But my stairs got fixed).

Before leaving I made sure to get Wanda booked in for service and I will wait to get Wanda Fixed. 

I noticed today this, this morning. 

Which is just on the other side of this. 

So this will naturally impact the estimate to get Wanda fixed, and make things interesting when I can start to shower in Wanda again. (Yet another Challenge to be surmounted).

I am in the library and continuing with my editing and revising project of the book today. 

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