Monday 19 January 2015

Part of Chapter Mitosis Complete

So I did split the chapter I wanted to and filled in the part of the chapter that was left. The next chapter, the chapter that needs to be added has about four pages in it. So that will need to be filled out, but at least part of the process is complete. 

The trouble is that the part that I wrote this weekend was a very troubling portion for me. I had avoided telling the story of what actually happened to Brian’s family. I had just glossed over the fact by saying that they were killed and the farm burned down. 

Well, this weekend I actually wrote it, the really disturbing thing to me is that in order to write it, I need to envision it. So, in essence I watched and even directed the action and sequence that killed characters. These were friends of mine, of a sort. I created and developed them, shaped them and now killed them. 

If you are not a writer/director or perhaps an actor, you will not get it. Don’t get me wrong, I know that my characters do not exist. Nor do they talk to me. They are not the “little voices” in my head. Yet, when you spend so much time with them, they can sorta feel real, yet not. If you haven’t experienced it, you will not get it. 

I will keep writing and keep on with my editing as I am not far from the end now. I still need to write that one chapter in my way, after that it is smooth sailing. I will of course edit this book a few more times, yet this will be one pass each chapter to check the flow of the story. Who knows, it may end up not being a steaming pile of regurgitated rat puke after all. 

As far as the weekend went, it was good, the weather was nice, I got my writing done and nobody bothered me. Well, there was one minor incident. A couple of (who I assume were) stock boys who got off in the early hours of Sunday morning decided it would be fun to throw a paper cup of water at my trailer. You know, the kind you get from any fast food place.  Thankfully it seemed to be filled with water and didn’t do any damage. Ah, those crazy kids.

I did try a nifty thing that I thought would give me meals for a week but ended up just lasting the weekend. I bought a pound of ground beef, taco seasoning, small soft taco shells (things) and shredded cheese. I then had tacos whenever I wanted.

I cooked up and processing the whole pack of meat for the taco filling. I made sure to expand it with some hash browns (as in diced potatoes) to thicken it out. Then, when I wanted a taco, I pulled out my small fry pan, and heat up one soft taco shell (thing) and put it aside. Then I would scoop out just enough taco filling for that one taco, and heat it up in the frying pan. Once it was warmed up I would put it in the taco shell (thing) and add the cheese. Presto, instant Taco (lettuce and other fixings extra).

The warm weather looks to stick around for some time to come and by the looks of things should not dip below -20C for the foreseeable future. This is of course the prairies, where the weather is, by its very nature unpredictable.  Those of us who have lived on the prairies for any length of time have experienced all four seasons in a single day (no joke).

I will delight in the promise of good weather and cling to it as I wait until the beginning of April. That is when I can think about de-winterizing my trailer and have indoor plumbing.  Oh to have a shower in my own shower again, and poop in my own toilet . . . ah luxury.

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