Wednesday 28 January 2015

The Final Estimate For Wanda’s Repairs

Okay, so I finally heard back from the people at the Dealership yesterday and had a bit of a running conversation over email over this. I thank and commend them on their attentiveness and answering my questions both promptly and accurately. 

With that information I was able to put together a finally tally on what it will cost to repair Wanda. The back wall should cost $700.00, the bathtub itself should cost another $700.00, the labour to put that tub in should cost another $420.00 when you factor in GST, that comes up to just under $2000.00.

I called up the guy who hit me and told him all of that and that I was okay as long as he paid me on or before June 1. He was thankful, relieved and promised to do so. I learned that he had just started a new job and so coming up with that kind of cash right away would be next to impossible. He had been understandably panicked. 

Also the incident happened as he was backing up and another truck zoomed by him and startled him, he jerked the wheel and thereby ended up hitting Wanda. This could have happened to anyone. Let’s face it, it’s not like he plowed into Wanda, writing her off, or making her unlivable.

I know that I am taking a risk by giving him this time to pay me back. I also know that without his note I would be out this cash myself. Also, without his word and/or confession in court, I don’t have any proof that would stand up in court if I chose to fight this and cause a stink. 

In the end, as naive as it sounds, I choose to treat people as I would like to be treated. Even if it is for no other reason than so I can more easily live with myself, that’s reason enough for me. At the end of the day, I just want Wanda fixed, and for now she still works fine. 

It is nice to know that I am in a position that even if he doesn’t pay me, I can still fix Wanda. I have resources to cover this damage and that makes this whole incident much less stressful. I can only imagine what it would be like to have this damage and no way to pay for this myself. I would be stressing each day until I was paid, so I could pay to fix Wanda. 

The editing and revising is going well and I am now just on the cusp of Chapter Nine. I am looking forward to my morning reading time and have considered reading in the evening, but I know this would be a mistake as I would just read and not edit (the whole purpose). I still see me finishing this pass of the book by Sunday night. Then I will do it all again. 

I have preliminarily picked out the themes I want to use for each of my planned websites. I will mull them over and continue to look website themes over in the coming days. 

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