Thursday 8 January 2015

Big Sky, Bright Future

So, yesterday was Payday and so that meant running around. As I was walking to Wanda from work I had to pause to take in this lovely sunset.

I deposited my cheque and then filled up Trea’s tank. I then did a bit of shopping, for one I bought a pair of winter boots and a few essential groceries.

They were on special and a necessity.

They are now my “outside slippers” as they are always easy to put on and I always buy them a few sizes too big, for comfort and so I can put a few extra socks on in there, if I so choose.

I put my first big chunk on my third card yesterday. I am going to knock that one down to well below that $6000.00 mark before I seriously start paying it down. I hope to have it down to 5000.00 when I start to pay it down. An ambitious goal I know.

Another goal I started and am committed to is to put $50.00 a payday into my savings account. This will happen regardless of what is happening. This also feels good to start a bit of savings and get into that habit of savings even before all of those cards are paid off.

I will trickle save my way out of the overdraft, as I need to keep those paydowns on schedule. That is why I will lock my cards away and just buy what I need for the time being. I will keep doing this until I am out of that overdraft. This way any savings I can manage will stay in that account.

I did have a lovely and warm evening as it was warmer than usual and above zero all evening. Since I was in the parking lot of my western home I even splurged and put the slide-out out . . . oooo luxury.

As a cruel twist of fate, tonight it will drop down to -25C tonight. I am prepared and can weather this storm. I know that and how to deal with it. The important thing is that I have seen this before and I am not afraid. Next week is looking nice though, yet only time will tell if that comes to pass.

This morning I did stay in bed longer than I should have and only got one reading pass done on my chapter today. I will read it again once or twice tonight to catch up. This is something else I need to ensure to keep on track.

This New Year is starting off good and while my life is dull and I don’t do anything but hibernate, I am on the right track to accomplish my goals this year. That is not nothing, and next winter is looking even brighter.

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