Wednesday 7 January 2015

Never Underestimate the Importance of Warm Socks

I mean it, warm feet are the start of a happy night. Your whole warm clothes ensemble must work together. You can’t have one part of your body colder than the rest, as you will focus on that cold part. 

So far, all I have needed for my hands is a good pair of mittens, but my feet need multiple socks and one pair of slippers. The key to socks is to buy large, thick and oversized ones. That way when you put them on they are not pressing down on your feet. 

I don’t wear shoes in the house so that helps keep the pressure on my feet low. I wear a pair of loose slippers, so I have something hard between that cold floor and my feet. 

Layers are key to keeping yourself and your feet warm though, it is the trapped air in and between the layers which works to insulate. I tried (for all of less than a minute) to wear only one pair of socks last night, then I screamed (cursed a name) and put my layers of socks on. 

I did have a nicer evening last night as I puttered around the house and I am getting used to this modified winter living. I did sleep well and warmly, though I should have worn a warm hat to bed and will do so tonight. All in all, I can do this, I can survive and that is key to my overall financial success. 

I was able to have my morning coffee with little fuss as I followed a suggestion to pour the water in the percolator the night before and then just heat it up enough to melt the ice that formed. Then I could put the central part in and perk my coffee like usual. 

With my water situation, since I can’t even keep water in a completely liquid state even overnight, I have taken to carting three two litre bottles of water back and forth to and from work. That way I can top them up and yes let the full ones defrost while at work. 

As far as editing goes, I am averaging a chapter a day, with two reads through each one. On the weekends I plan to do three chapters a day. I have even taken to reading aloud parts of it to see the flow and how the story feels and sounds. It feels good to get back to the editing and to see that the book is back on track.

Today is payday so I will pay what I absolutely have to and then lock the cards away. I will spend what little I have to and not fund any of my wallets this pay period. I will coast through as much as possible to the next payday.  This is important as I am now well below zero in my account and will likely be so through to next payday. 

I am on track with the major project: paying my credit cards down, though; that, for me, is key. As long as I hit that target of July 22, 2015 for my cards to be paid off, this will all be worth it. I look forward to the conversation with my banker in August, as I tell them I want to pay more on Wanda.

I also look forward to then shifting my focus to saving large chunks of money. Of finally being able to pay myself in a manner in which I deserve. A few bucks a payday is one thing, but saving large amounts each payday is another.  Then I can have the fun of building for my future in a real and concrete way.

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