Monday 26 January 2015

Book “Done” And in One File

Okay, as we all know, in literature “Done” is a relative term. For now though, the first book is all in one file, has all of the chapters it is supposed to have and is as long as I want it to be. It is now 263 Word Doc, letter-sized pages long and just over 102K words. 

I would love for someone with drawing and/or graphics art talent to create a picture or two for each chapter and of course the cover. If anyone out there is interested, drop me a line.

I will now edit it at least twice more before letting anyone else read it, but it is getting there. It is exciting to see this project and this book come together in such a fashion. 

Speaking of which I am about to start the process of revamping the website or rather my websites . . . I have two of them now but want three.

One will be for the Tanea project Book/Film/TV, etc. Another will be for my idea for a TV/Film Studio. Of course there is this blog, which kinda classifies as a website. Finally there is the one that I will create to tie them all together is one under my own name. (Yes I have already registered the domain name). 

This last one will be were all of my ideas and various projects will stem from as I work on all of them at once. As well this website will allow me to put up some of my writings, just for fun. I will keep you all posted as I bring each of these websites into existence, and/or revamp them.

My brain comes up with so many ideas all the time on a wide variety of subjects. I need/want somewhere to display them all in hopes that one will gain traction and thus spurn the others into existence. 

So, I will stay busy for the foreseeable future, as once Book One is off being reviewed, edited and prepped for publication I will resume my work on Book Two. 

The weather has been fantastic out here in Calgary and while we are enjoying spring temperatures now, it will cool off this week. I am not looking forward to the cooler weather but I am ready for it. I am looking forward to spring actually arriving, but I know that winter shall return first. 

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