Sunday 1 February 2015

Sleeping on my Own Couch

Okay, since Friday was laundry day, I washed my sheets and then when I was home decided to flip the mattress. That was when I discovered a frozen film covering the bottom of the mattress and where the mattress touched the board underneath. 

Part of the board is covered with linoleum and part is just bare board. The linoleum wasn’t as bad as the frozen film stayed on top. The part with the bare bored really stuck to the mattress as it had partially soaked up the frozen film. I left the mattress off of the board to let not only the mattress defrost and dry out but also the board as well. 

This left me sleeping in my warm sleeping bag on my couch for the last two nights. I am not sure what is causing this frozen film thing or what to do about it. In warmer weather I will stain and shellac the bare board portion, as that will prevent the moisture penetrating the board. 

I will be sleeping in my bed tonight as I am sure it will be dry enough by this evening to make my bed. I was able to finish the editing of the book and I am taking today off of reading before I start it again with the goal of finishing this read through before the end of Sunday of next weekend. 

I am, tempted to watch videos on how to do websites but I know that without access to my own website, this won’t help me. I am the type that I want/need to watch and learn something but then play with it myself to really make it stick in my head. I am still warm and in the library with power and internet access, so I will enjoy the day, my day off. 

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