Thursday 15 January 2015

The Pace is Frustrating

While I am on the road to financial improvement and things are getting better, the pace of things is getting to me. I get paid twice a month and the really fun payday is the second payday of the month. 

Yet, even then it only takes a chunk out of my target. Sure, I have worked it so that each payday there is some movement but that is but two days in thirty. It is a slow chipping process that does not show any large movements, in a quick way. 

A quick fix would be nice, a large cash injection would be sweet right now, but I know that is not coming, despite that Lottery ticket I have for tomorrow’s draw. 

It is that slow pace which can lull you into thinking that nothing is happening. You can get to think that you are living in this little space for no good reason. It can get to seem that all of your efforts are proving is that you are a fool. 

It is at times like that that you need not give up and to remind yourself that things are happening.  Slowly but surely things are getting better. Slowly but surely you are paying your debts off. Slowly but surely you are digging yourself out of the hole that you dug for yourself. 

For me I see two dreams, two visions for the future that I may yet merge. One is the Film/Television Studio that I wish to build which will give all filmmakers access to the tools and resources (even funding and distribution) to do the projects they need, all in one place. The other is a nice cabin, in or near the mountains, with a nice workshop to putter around in and invent whatever strikes my fancy. 

First and foremost I need to pay my credit cards off before I can do anything towards either goal. For that I need to struggle daily to spend as little as possible. I need to remind myself that every dollar that I spend foolishly is a dollar that I could have either saved or put towards a credit card. 

Again, the answer to the dilemma of these doldrums is to look to the past and then to the future. Look back and reflect on how far you have come and then to the future as to where you want to go. The combination of the two should help keep you to stay the course. 

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