Friday 23 January 2015

Payday Was Yesterday . . . Broke Again

I did get paid yesterday and yes I did knock down card number two down below two thousand. This means that I am on schedule for that one to be toast by March 22nd which is fantastic. This will mean I can them ramp up my paydown on card three. 

Yet after that big paydown, after the bills are paid, gas is in the tank and food is in the pantry I am still deep in the overdraft. I poked my head above zero for a few hours yesterday evening, though. Like I had planned I am better off than a few days ago, and in a few months I will be out of the overdraft altogether. 

With each penny I save I am that much further towards getting out of the overdraft. I am moving on up and moving ahead with my plans to get myself consistently above zero and my credit cards paid off by July 22, 2015. 

Despite all this I am still putting that $50.00 per paycheque into savings, regardless though, and that is a habit I plan to keep up. So far, so good. 

Yet now that this is the day after payday I have to wait two weeks (Feb 7) until I can do another paydown. What I am left with is trying to save as much as I can, while I can. That and keep myself busy with other projects so I don’t spend. 

Speaking of which, I did get that other chapter finished. Now to edit it, polish it up and move on. I still hope to get the whole book edited before the weekend is out. Then of course comes editing it again (one pass over each chapter) two more times and then see what others think of it. 

Hopefully it will be ready for publication soon. I think it is worth it, and I hope that the reading public does too. I have been working on the story and world that this book has been set in since 2000 – 2001 (not sure of the exact date).

I also take Wanda to the dealership today to get their opinion on how bad the damage to Wanda really is. Then I can put a plan together and let the guy who hit me know how much it will cost. I still plan to do this privately and not involve insurance, as I see no reason to needlessly stir up trouble. 

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