Wednesday 21 January 2015

My Day Could Have Ended Better . . . or Worse.

To set the scene, for the past two days my usual spot for parking in has been occupied by a truck that hasn’t moved. This part, while irksome, did not anger me, as it is a public street and anyone has the right to park there. 

As a result I had to park just around the corner. I have tried to park over as close as possible to the sidewalk to allow vehicles to drive by me with ease. I also make sure that there is enough room for vehicles to pull out of a driveway behind me so they can turn. I try to be as considerate as I can when parking. As you can imagine, the inevitable happened . . . 

There was a note and I contacted the driver, who was very apologetic. Apparently they were turning around and didn’t see Wanda in their mirror. That makes me be said individual was a trucker. Not only because of the height of the damage but also the fact that I am sure that if you were driving a Smart Car, that you would see Wanda in your mirrors. (Trucks have really big blind spots).

They agreed to pay for it and I have sent a service request in with the dealer to talk to them about fixing Wanda. The driver said they would pay for it, so I see no need to go through insurance or kick up a stink. I just want Wanda fixed. 

I also know that I could have returned to a demolished Wanda and a real problem. So I am thankful that the damage was minor and did not kill my house. This morning though, my regular parking spot was free so I am parked in my usual spot with plenty of room around me. So there is that bright spot.

In the end, I am irked and mildly miffed but I am not angry. Stuff happens and you have to roll with it and deal with it. There is no need to get angry or seek vengeance. Heck, if it had just been a broken taillight, I might not have bothered to call the driver and just fixed it myself. 

On the writing front, I do have three-quarters of the chapter that I am adding done. It is good but not quite done, there needs to be that little something extra added. It needs another scene, a few more pages to fatten it up and finish it off right. I have a few ideas percolating; I should be ready to finish it off by tomorrow morning. 

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