Friday 16 January 2015

A Man Ahead of My Time

Seriously, apparently I am a year ahead of the curve . . . at least according to news reports today. This morning I heard a few news stories that people, particularly in Alberta, should “pay down debt” and “recession-proof” their finances. 

Well . . . doesn’t that sound familiar. 

I got a chuckle at the reports that people are beginning to panic since Albertans have the largest debt ratio of all Canadians. Gee . . . people are just now wondering what would happen if the price of oil tanks? 

Here I am working so hard for the past year to get my finances under control and prepare for an eventual financial tsunami. Perhaps I’m not so crazy and paranoid as people may have once thought? 

It feels kinda nice to be ahead of the curve. Now if only housing prices could completely tank and those “zero-down” offers come back in say . . . August. That would be sweet . . . for me. 

Last night I did park in my usual spot and had an early night, which was good because a big rig parked right behind me and decided to idle his engine most of the night. To make matters worse it was the kind that had the engine sticking out in front of the cab, with just a thin metal shell covering it.

I thought I was bad running Jenny for two hours every evening, this thing was running most of the night (or so it felt). It sounded like the engine was in the middle of Wanda too. I wanted to go over there and turn the damn thing off, but I didn’t.  Ah well, I survived.

Editing has been going well and I am edging towards where that chapter will be inserted. It may now be splitting a chapter and inserting a bit into two chapters; I call it “Chapter-Mitosis.” This should happen this weekend. 

Well, I had best get back to it, hunker down and continue to save money and pay down my debt. This has been encouraging to me. It is nice to see that I am on the right track. 

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