Tuesday 27 January 2015

Editing Going Well

This stage of writing is fun, this part I read my own novel and just tweak it. At this stage I am the eager reader reading and wanting to know what happens next. Okay I am not an amnesiac or suffering from memory loss so I do know what happens next. 

The fun and eagerness I have is to return to and stay in that world that I have crated, to spend time with these characters, my friends and to walk the streets of Teroncia. These are the things which draw me back eagerly each morning and make it easier to get up and out of my warm bed and into my cold trailer.  

I am now just about to start chapter six on this read and at an average of three chapters a morning I am on track to have this edit done by the end of the weekend. Then I will do it again, and then it will finally be ready to be read by another human. 

In the evenings I am done and frazzled so I just relax, editing would be useless as when I am mentally tired I am not in a writing frame of mind. I will miss more than I alter. 

As I write and craft this book, I remember my goal was always to write a story that I want to see in a way that is interesting to me. I only hope that others will share my enthusiasm and appreciation for the Book . . . Series . . . and the Film Trilogy . . . and the TV Series . . . and the Merchandise (but I digress).

I am staying warm with the nice weather and saving on propane and staying out of trouble. I am spending as little as I can as I keep my eye on the prize of getting those credit cards paid off.

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