Friday 10 October 2014

Wanda, Let’s Never Fight Again

Okay, so Wanda was in for service and we didn’t have a fight, (nor could she actually leave me) but I wanted a catchy blog title . . . so sue me.

The lovely Irish lass at the RV dealership did come through for me in so far as late yesterday afternoon she proudly phoned me to say that Wanda was finished.

She even arranged to have Wanda placed in a place where I could pick her up even if I got there after the dealership closed. It was nice that someone was actually interested enough to make sure that the repairs were done ahead of schedule.

I did get to pick up Wanda and most of the repairs were done but for two they needed to order parts. They will contact me when those parts are in and then Wanda will go back into service to get those two things repaired.

In case you are wondering the two things which needed parts are: 1) the facet end (for the kitchen sink) and 2) the freezer door decorative panel and holder on the bottom.

As I settled into Wanda for the night and puttered around, that feeling of not wanting to move out of her even for the few months of the dead of winter returned. I know it is illogical and irrational, but moving out of her for winter, seems like admitting defeat, like admitting I couldn’t do it. I hate that feeling.

I know that it is foolish to think this way and that when the time comes logic and good sense will win out over emotion and stubborn pride. Still the wheels are turning as to how to stay in Wanda for the winter. It is too soon to pay for a place to stay, yet, but if a golden opportunity came my way, I would not turn it down. December will be the time to really get down to final winter preparations; that is if this good weather holds.

As far as Tanea is concerned, it is going well. Between yesterday and this morning I did get all of part one edited. I will continue editing part two and move on to new chapters this weekend.

I almost didn’t pick Wanda up yesterday as I wanted to be there when the parts department was open so I could get a few extra keys cut for Wanda. I lost my only other set of keys so now the only keys I have are the main set and one spare door key I keep hidden so I am never completely locked out.

I will go back this afternoon and take care of this as I do want two extra sets, one for me, and one for a guest. I will keep the main set on my main key ring. With a set of keys with just the trailer door and storage key on it, it will be more convenient for me. I will be able to leave the trailer without having the gigantic truck key jabbing into me in my pocket. I need to be careful as too small of a key-ring makes those small keys easy to lose (it has happened).

I will try an interesting experiment with regards to charging Wanda. I will plug in all three or four days in a row this weekend. I will see if this dramatically improves the recharging capacity so I can avoid being forced to plug in for 24 – 48 hours straight. This is always a challenge for me as I am never in the same spot more than 12 hours on the outside.

Just because sunrises help put you in a more positive mood, here is your sunrise shot.

Time to get to work, take care all.   

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