Monday 6 October 2014

Back to the Grind

I had a nice, relaxing and moderately productive weekend. I did not write as much as I could have done. I did relax and yes went for a hike or two. Here are a few nice shots I got.

This is Sunday morning’s sunrise.

This is the moonrise obscured by clouds, making a cool effect.

This is an owl, (I think) that I saw in a tree. He looked bigger than a crow and sounded different, reminiscent of an owl.

And yes the wonderful vista during the day.

Tomorrow is payday and then the day after that Wanda goes in for service. That means that I will pay my bills but also that I will be camping in Trea for a few days. I can hope and ask that they get Wanda fixed in a day but who knows. Also they do not give out loaners, as the demand isn’t there.

A friend of mine sent me some statistics which he apparently got from the Statistics Canada website. This was meant to make me feel better about myself and my situation, but it made me feel a bit more frustrated for everyone else out there.

All I will say is that it is true that I am doing better than most people out there and that is good, but I still  have vivid memories of not doing as well as I am. Yet I am not doing as good as I would like, I am still tied to this 9-5 job that is not my passion, just to pay my bills.

Okay, enough stalling, now on to the statistics (for Canada): 
  • Only 75% of people aged 25 – 64 are employed.
  • The average income is $20.00 / Hr and/or $35,000 /Yr
  •  Each average adult carries approximately $40,000.00 in non-mortgage  debt. 
Okay, I am well above that last number with Trea payments/Wanda/Credit cards. I may be down around this amount if you factor Wanda out, and consider her a “Mortgage.

This may be normal but that doesn’t make it right. I just have reached a point where I just want to get off of this hamster wheel that is never ending debt. My main motivation for doing this whole "Urban Nomad" thing is that I am sick and tired of working for "room and board."

I want my freedom to do what I want to do and not constantly need to earn and give away a large amount of money each month, just for the privilege of living and have nothing for me in the end.

Anyways, I am on my way and doing fine. Wanda’s batteries are charged and Trea liked the run as well. I will stay the course and get these debts paid down and hopefully have a novel or two to sell, and may even write a book about this experience. 

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