Monday 20 October 2014

Trickle Spending Still a Problem

I am thinking of locking my debit and credit cards up again due to my trickle spending. While I do not use my credit cards, my debit card sees regular use. The little things like this item here, that item there, just this meal at McDonald's, etc. Again, most of the things are little things I either need or could use, but the pattern is disturbing.

I will keep an eye on this as anytime I spend, it is money going in the wrong direction. I know that there are things I must spend on but each time I do spend, I need to give myself a moment of pause and ask “is this spend necessary?” I am too close to real progress to screw this up now.

I just need to keep my attitude positive and not beat myself up. Sure I need to own up to what I have done and the spending that has gone on. What I need to do is look back and evaluate, then give myself constructive criticism and take action. 

For now I will just try to be more mindful of my spending and not lock the cards away. Sooner or later I need to be able to control my spending without locking cards away.

I did plug in last night and tried out a new item for filling my water tank. I have usually just connected my hose up to the tap, laid it out towards the trailer and just turned it on, when the tank was full I would just drop the hose and let the water spill onto the ground as I ran to turn the water off. I always thought this was a waste but never knew what else to do, there was only one of me.

I then figured out that the best way to solve this problem was to put a simple garden hose spray nozzle on the end of my hose. This way when I turn the water on, nothing flows until I squeeze the trigger on the nozzle.

I then aim the nozzle right into the water fill tank hole and squeeze. The jet of water is shot right into the tank and this way I can take little breaks when the tank is near full, to let the water gurgle down and the air burp up.

I have found that this way I can get a bit more water in the tank and waste less water. While now it not a problem, in winter, when there is ice on the ground, that trickle of wasted water will be a problem for others.

The nice thing with plugging in is that I get to watch TV for the evening. So I sat and watched some TV for the evening yet still got an early nights rest. As always, the morning after I plug in, I move the Trea and Wanda at four in the morning, as soon as I get up. (I like to be settled and undisturbed when I get down to writing).

As for the story, I have gotten the first two chapters done. Brian’s first chapter (as most of his) seem to be rough and not good enough for standalone chapters. They need work, so they are not a quick edit and done.

The story is developing nicely and I have a good idea on how to tell this story, how to move it along and that is good. This will be an exciting novel which will still lead into the next which will open with the shipwreck. 

This book will go until Brian is captured and then book three will be when he is in the den. The one thing is clear is that we will see more of The Sisterhood and their plots and machinations along the way.

Payday is in two days and I have decided to just leave everything in the account this month. Next month I will put the money aside for the rental place, if by some miracle that does not come to pass, I will just leave that in there for savings and an oops fund.

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