Tuesday 21 October 2014

Don’t Do What I Did Last Night

I realize that I tell you not to do something, a good portion of you will go ahead and do it anyways. Some of you out of curiosity and others out of spite, but trust me just don’t. All I will say is never google dating advice for over forty . . . just don’t.

What you will get back is a long list of reasons why anyone single and over thirty should just give it up. Then there are the evil messages why women over forty are made to feel past their prime are left on the shelf (men’s fault). To top it off there is the long list of reasons why single men over forty (never married) are just irrevocably and irredeemably broken so all women should just leave them alone (again the man’s fault). 

So yeah, I had a delightful evening and woke up feeling on top of the world. I still strive to be positive and I am on this journey alone and will stay alone  . . . hmm maybe a cat . . . nope cat’s don’t travel well, need a rat dog. 

I am doing this paydown for me and me alone. I want my freedom to do what I want. I need to keep that in mind and just remember my philosophy that if any woman actually wants to join me on this journey, great, otherwise I must be happy with me and being alone. That’s life, I missed my window to get married and have kids, I have to accept that. Perhaps I should and will take a friend’s advice to just choose to stay single.

So on to happier topics, I hung a hook rack last night. This is so I can hang up my comfy clothes neatly. You know the one set of clothes you lounge around in after work. Since you only wear them, around the house you only wash one set per week . . . right? (or is it just me).

The weather was warm and it looks like it will stay so into next month, so that is a positive. Also I am gaining momentum on the new version of the book and I like the way it is shaping up. Brian’s story moves forward in a liner fashion while Treabilla’s story starts a quarter of the way through and has flashbacks for the first bit with snippets of the “now” storyline at the beginning. 

That is until (after a few flashback chapters) we catch up to where she is, then her story picks up speed. By the end of it we see now they might merge as they will be in the same place at the same time. 

I will take a friend’s advice and try the cash system again. I will have one wallet for Groceries and another wallet for “Utilities.” The Utilities wallet will be for propane and dump fees, while the Groceries wallet is self-explanatory. I will then lock my cards away and try to not spend a dime but my small amount of cash that I will keep on me. Hopefully this will help keep my spending under control. 

As always I will look and strive for a better future and leave the negativity behind me. Yet I always promised myself (and thereby you) to be honest about what I was going through. It happened, so I reported it. Have a nice day as I choose to do the same. 

One nifty point of happiness and positivity for me to start my workday is the fact that my little blog has just crossed over 5000 views.

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