Saturday 11 October 2014

Lovely Weekend, Good Progress

I did take the drive out to the RV Dealership to pick up some new keys for Wanda. Having only one set does not seem like a wise idea. I was able to pick up an extra set of the cargo door keys but the main entrance keys needed to be ordered in; they should be in by next Friday. 

I then stopped off at my favourite library and wrote for a few hours until they closed at five. I decided to get a trim to keep my hair and beard in good shape; there is a barber in the mall who does a good job at a reasonable price. On a whim I stayed in the parking lot of the attached mall. 

This morning the sunrise was particularly nifty, so I took this shot.

Between yesterday and this morning I have edited all of Part Two that I have written so far and finished the chapter I stopped midway through and even wrote another chapter after that. I am now moving ahead with new chapters and looking forward to getting this first pass done and complete. 

I am going to plug in tonight and will do so tomorrow night and perhaps Monday night as well. On Monday I will try to go to a nice park nearby and go for a bike ride. We shall see how it goes and if the weather holds out. I will of course write as much as I can but with the libraries closed on every stat-holiday, this puts a kink in my plan of writing all day.

Ah well, such is life. I am on a good writing stint and making progress. Well, back to writing now.

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