Saturday 4 October 2014

Relaxing On Tunnel Mountain

I am in one of my favourite campsites, a federal one on Tunnel Mountain in Banff.  It really is the last campsite of the season as they are closing the “full hookup” side on Sunday. Since I am planning on staying until Monday morning, that means I had to stay on the “Electricity only” side. Since I am self-contained, and I am here for the electricity, that is fine with me. 

I made sure to get you a nice shot of sunrise over the Rocky Mountains, enjoy it, I did.

It is a luxury to have full electricity as I can watch TV, leave the water pump on and use the laptop as long as I want. It is these little things that are nice and I miss from renting a ‘cubbyhole.’ 

I am doing the right thing and am on the right track. It is nice to always be home and have the freedom to roam where I wish. If I had an unlimited  source of cash I would wander for quite a while. 

From a financial point of view this trip was not good, but from an emotional one, it was needed. It is a nice way to finish out the warmer and camping season. I am enjoying myself but I am looking forward to getting my butt firmly out of the overdraft. 

Every so often it is important to spend a bit of money and live a bit. This is good for your sanity and to remind you of the flavour of life. I have been too focussed on spending next to nothing. I know I could spend less and still strive to do so, but I spend a bit now and again, treat myself with a meal out, now and again. 

I do keep looking at the larger picture and imagine myself out of overdraft and with another card on its way down. Those happy thoughts keep me going, that keeps me motivated. 

Writing, is a way to keep me occupied and a creative outlet. Speaking of which, I should get back to it. 

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