Wednesday 8 October 2014

Wanda is in For Service

Okay, so a new chapter in this adventure that has been my life since December 2013 begins today and runs for a few days at least. I put Wanda in for service this morning at 8:00 AM in the RV Dealership. 

As I may have mentioned there have been a number of small niggling things that need attention. Since I have warranty on Wanda, I have put her in for service to get them fixed. Here is a shot of her disconnected *sniffle*

The lady at the RV Dealership was nice (and had a delightful Irish accent *rawr* . . . of course I didn’t say anything about it). I politely asked if I could get this back ASAP as this is my home. That came up when she asked me if I wanted it winterized.

She: "Would you like us to Winterize it while it is in for service?"
Me:  “Winterize? I’m still using it!” 
She: *blank stare* 
Me:  “This is my home.” 
She: “I’ll see what we can do to get this done by Friday.
Me:  “That would be nice, as I don’t mind sleeping in my truck for a few days, longer than that would be an inconvenience. 
She: *blank stare* 

This brings up an interesting point, since Wanda is in for service what I am reduced to is  just Treabilla. She has a back seat and so I took a few supplies with me:

Sleeping bag/pillow
Bread & spreads & snacks to make lunch with.
5 gallon reserve water jug (full)
Phone Charger package
Some clothes

I will be fine for a few days. I plan to go to a nearby Library and hang out there, using the AC power this evening and next, then find a nice place to bed down for the night. 

On a writing note, I have reached a plateau with regards to the secondary novel I have been writing. This is good because it means I can focus back on Tanea. 

I now have a good idea as to the character that is the novel’s Narrator. Sound strange? Your narrator is a character in so far as they have a certain point of view and that will impact how the story is told. If your narrator is a teen girl, she will tell the story differently than an old woman, particularly if the story is being set in a high school. 

As for the narrator who is telling the story of Tanea, he is an old man who is a historian and very knowledgeable but he is a cheeky smartass; essentially me in about fifty years. 

I imagine that he has found some tome of knowledge, some evidence as to the whole story of Tanea and its peoples. It may be fun to work that into the novel somehow, hmm like a preface with him sitting down to tell someone about what he has found, thus tells the story. Hmm? 

Anyways I will now edit what I have so far from this point of view, then get to where I got to in part two and continue from there. 

Well I should get back to work (I was late but still had to blog)

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