Saturday 18 October 2014

Had My First Brush With The Fuzz Last Night

Okay, so I went to the RV Dealership to pick up my door keys that I special ordered through them to make sure that I got the right ones. When ordering my keys I even showed them the last proper key to make sure that everything went well.

After picking up my keys I went to the local key-cutting place (to support local business). He was nice, pleasant and reasonable, and cut the keys quickly. I then tested them in the lock and none of them work. I suspected at that point that the blanks were wrong as they looked a bit different.

Since I am not one preoccupied with fashion I didn’t care that he head of the key was not the fancy black plastic. It was shaped right and had the right name on it, as well I bought this from the dealership that sold me the trailer. I had every reason to assume that they would sell me the right keys, right? After all it is their trailer, right? 

Well after the nice key-cutting gentleman toyed with one of the keys for fifteen minutes it was determined that these were the wrong keys. He also determined that he couldn’t modify them to make them work and also didn’t have any blanks close enough. 

So back to the RV dealership I went. I explained the problem and they just pointed me to the website for the locking mechanism for the trailer and said good luck. It took a bit of “ahem, you sold me these keys,” to get a refund on the blanks, (which were special ordered and cut, so of no use to anyone) to get a refund. I didn’t even bother to try to get compensated for the ten bucks I spent getting the keys cut. 

I have ordered the right keys from the proper website and it looks as if they will come pre-cut. So that is a bonus. I am a bit disillusioned with the RV dealership as it increasingly feels like the care and maintenance of Wanda falls to me. 

I bought the extra warranty so I could drop her off and say here is the problem, go fix her. Even after I got it back a few problems were not fixed, small stuff and stuff I can fix, but the point of the warranty is that I shouldn’t have to.

Anyways, I went to one of my usual haunts and did a bit of grocery shopping at a large discount grocery store. I was about to drive down the block (half a block) to the place I usually park and sleep at, when I decided against it. 

I figured one parking spot is as good as another so why move? This parking lot was massive, larger than a football field and nowhere near full, so why not, right? I relaxed for the evening and bedded down for the night.

It was around 11:00 pm that night that I got a knock on the door. I will say this; I am glad and proud that I live in Canada, as the officer was certainly Canadian. 

He was: polite, professional, definite in what he wanted yet accommodating. He stood back a pace or two from the door and waited for me to get out of bed and put my sweatpants on. He didn’t knock again or demand that I come to the door. All he said was that this was private property and that I had to move along, he even suggested where to go (no not straight down to the hot place). I agreed to move along and he left me alone to move, trusting that I would. Again he was a nice officer, and a credit to his Bylaw Enforcement Uniform and Unit.

I moved the exact spot that I usually park at when I am in this area. It took a bit for me to relax enough to fall asleep again and as I did a few things struck me. Nobody from said store came to talk to me and asked me to leave. They just called bylaw and had them deal with me. I could see if someone had come and asked me to leave and told them to go (to the hot place). Fine, call the cops, have me dealt with. 

As I moved I noticed that there was a handful of cars by the entrance and that was it. I had only been there a few hours and it wasn’t as if I had setup camp, I hadn’t started to set up picket fences or even disconnect the trailer. As a result of this insulting attitude, I will be boycotting that particular store and will think twice before shopping at that chain again. 

True it is their property but there was no need to waste the time of Bylaw enforcement. I suppose I should be thankful that the full SWAT team wasn’t called out to deal with me or even officers with their guns drawn (I doubt that would happen as we have nice cops here, north of the 49th).

I am finding that I am getting more relaxed and developing an attitude of just dealing with things as they come and not be so uptight and tense about things. I know that there are a thousand things that I need to work on and improve, my trickle spending is one of them, but overall things are looking up. 

That idea, that impulse of somehow staying in Wanda even through the darkest depths of winter is still there within me. For one I don’t like the idea of being forced out of my home, and two I know that it would make the upcoming book on this experience much better and more exciting. As well, there is that impulse within me to see if I can do it, can I survive in Wanda south of -20C? Can I meet that challenge? Not a smart or sensible impulse, but there you have it.

This morning I am in my favourite spot in the library (making sure not to park in their parking lot or they may blow Wanda and Trea in place). I will continue to plan and work on this new and more exciting storyline and new book series. I want to actually start writing a chapter today; that is my goal, so time to get back at it.

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