Tuesday 7 October 2014

Payday at Last.

Okay it is payday but this is the thinner paycheque. Rather this is the Paycheque which has more financial commitments coming out of it, so I have less discretionary income. 

There is my insurance payment, Treabilla payment and at least one Wanda payment, not to mention the minimum payments on credit cards. Then there is fuel for Treabilla, toping up the Overdraft and yes groceries and incidentals. 

So my payday often gives me an image of me receiving a modest wad of cash and being surrounded by a group of people. Then one by one I dole out that money until a small amount is left over for me. Then the countdown to the next payday begins. 

The later paycheque of the month is the most fun as that one has that block of money that I can do something with. As I said earlier this month I will leave it in the account and try not to spend it, so as to keep myself afloat and out of the overdraft. Again this is another test of will for me. 

This payday has a bright spot though, as I will pay off the last of the first credit card, bringing it down to zero. I know that at the end of the month there will be another small interest charge or something, but this is the last of the large pay-down.  

I may put a bit into my savings just for me, as a symbol to start my savings; who knows. 

Just for fun and because it looked nice, here is another sunrise picture, for all of you late-risers. 

Writing is going well, but I will admit that I am working on a different novel, one which I will more than likely not publish, but I feel compelled to write it. I always write what comes to me, and don’t judge it. It keeps the ideas flowing and any practice in writing is good practice. This one is written in reflective first person as we see the main character slowly go nuts; an interesting character study to say the least. 

They are sure that what they want and is trying to do is right and sane and that the world is insane. I am still not sure how it will end, but as a good writer I will leave it open for a follow up novel. Just in case I do release it and people like it. 

This has nothing to do with Tanea and the break is doing me good. I find the process of converting a screenplay to novel in such a direct manner tedious and lacking of a certain amount of spontaneity. I have snuck in a few changes but for the most part the story is good and solid. It just needs to be written in a manner in which does the story justice. 

Well, off to work now.

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