Saturday 25 October 2014

I Saved Almost $300.00 Yesterday!

How? Did I sell something and bank the money? . . . no. . . but that would be cool. Did I get a super deal on some Platinum-Uber-Fantastic –SSD? . . . no, but also cool. Did I get a smokin’ deal on a brand new, super fast laptop? . . . again, also really cool but no. . . what did I do? How did I save that much money? . . . I didn’t buy the SSD. 

I went down to the store and inspected what they had and realized that I had misread the specs on the website, and the drive I wanted was just a plain old HDD, that means still slow and no point to buy it. I just can’t justify spending almost three hundred on an old laptop, it blows the budget for a selfish reason. I will make do with what I have, a reoccurring theme in my life.

I could just reinstall the operating system now, but 1) it works and 2) If I was going to do this I wanted a noticeable and marked increase in performance. As it is now, things work just a bit slow to get going. I I’ll live. 

I did go for my first grocery shopping and for the most part I am sticking to my wallets. The only thing I picked up was a very cheap “Electric Screwdriver.” It is rechargeable and I can also use it as a slow and crude drill. This is important to putting up a few hooks or towel racks around Wanda. 

I did relax and I am in my usual place parked here for the day, I plan to stay here tonight, I am in a distant part of the shopping mall parking lot, I can walk to and see the library. It doesn’t make sense to move and come back. I have stayed here before and nobody minded. Who knows, I may stay the night or get told to move, as long as they don’t send the SWAT team, I’m okay with it.

I will be going to the library very shortly so I can write all day. I had a relaxing morning and haven’t written, but I at least have an idea on what to do for Trea’s chapter. Brian’s chapter still needs to be extended, and that is something I will think on. That is the fun of it, we get to spend more time in their backstories. My goal for today is to get Trea’s and Brian’s chapter done today.  Well, I gotta go write, take care all.

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