Wednesday 22 October 2014

If I Get Boxed In, I’m Okay

Yesterday as I pulled up to park near work, my usual spot was taken, so I parked just back down the street a bit. Well, I tried to but I found it hard to back up and park Wanda properly. I eventually drove one block over and parked there. 

When I pulled up and parked I almost pulled right up to the edge of the entryway to the parking lot but didn’t. I never want to be a wall and be a hazard to people coming and going out of parking lots, they do need to turn and see around me. When I returned after work, I found this.

I laughed and had to take the picture for you. As I determined how far I could back up and if I could get out from my little spot, I wasn’t sure I could do so safely. I admit I wasn’t worried, I didn’t have anywhere to go really and had everything I needed with me. 

Now, just after taking this picture the owner of the vehicle in front of me came and moved her car. She have me the usual, smug, dismissive smile and wave as if the whole situation was my fault (for parking in her spot) and left. I just laughed and drove away, quietly and mildly displeased that I didn’t have the opportunity to try to get out of that spot.

I moved to my usual spot a block from work and relaxed for the evening and went to bed early. This morning I did get up and was slow getting out of bed, a cold trailer and warm blankets will do that to you. 

Mental note to self: turn furnace on to a low setting, just to take the chill out of the air. Getting out of bed when your house is below 10 C is not fun. I got dressed and turned the furnace on and it didn’t take long before Wanda was warm and the coffee was perking. 

I finished my chapter and liked the direction that it is going in. Sure it needs editing but it is still moving along well. Enough information and plot development, yet still some lingering questions in your mind to keep you reading.

I may edit that chapter tonight once I finish my banking and rounds of shopping; like gas and so forth. The next chapter of Brian's is only five pages long, half of what I have set as a target for this book, I will think of something to fill the pages, a nifty little scene to let us see a bit more of his homelife a bit, before I smash his happy world. 

Tonight I will lock away my cards and just keep the cash out for what I need to do. It is a scary development but one I need to do. If I am successful then having $500.00 in my account will be my new Zero. 

I will then be dipping below that into my own personal overdraft before going into the real one. I am cheaper than the bank's overdraft, and why I am doing this.My goal is to get up to $1000.00 in the account as my Zero, but that will take time.

Speaking of developments, it looks like I will have to be in somewhere by December 1. The weather predictions are that the cold snap will dip below -20C (my personal hard limit). So I will use the November’s end of month money to secure that place.  

If anyone does know of any place (indoors) in or near Calgary where I might be able to park Wanda, plug her in and live in her, let me know. 

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